About Seven.

Seven Sins are yet another Andrew Bill creation and released by the Dragonsite, they were introduced in September 2005 with the introduction of "Anger" which was followed by "Pride" and "Gluttony". Then in 2007 Mouldart, the company that produced them for Dragonsite went into liquidation leaving a huge problem. A new UK company has been found and hopefully we should see some more of the range appear in 2008.

The entire range are completely British made: sculpted, mastered, produced, painted and boxed in England, this does bring with it a British price tag but the quality is much better than the Far Eastern pieces so it is a welcome move, I hope that the collectors stand by the British made pieces so that the range can be completed.

The pieces are all made to order.

The pieces were originally going to come in their own special box shown below but problems with breakages in shipping put an early stop to that and only the first few "Prides" came with them.

Note that the box shown above is for the verbum magus  piece "Spellbound"



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