Hap Henriksen's

Hap Henriksen is a renowned and well respected fantasty sculptor.

I first came across his work when I saw his Wizards, Dragons & Jesters range for "Land of Legends" (not to be confused with the inferior range of dragons released years later called "Land of Dragons" which are nothing at all to do with Hap) and I started collecting them, starting with "Let Sleeping Dragons Lie" which to this day is one of my all time favourite Dragon sculptures. I sold most of my collection years ago though to finance and make room for my growing Enchantica collection (something had to go)

This range of small dragons by Hap were created for thedragonsite.com

I've included as much information as I can on these figures

All pieces come in full colour Dragonsite boxes




The link above takes you to a page that lists all the rare pieces that have been sold at special thedragonsite shows over the years, there are paint trails & artist proofs etc...