Jessica Galbreth Fairies



There are three main companies involved in producing sculptures of Jessica's work, 'Add an Accent' and the far more superior 'Dragonsite' & 'Fairysite' (fairysite pieces are the same as dragonsite just under a new name), all are listed on this site

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Jessica Galbreth by Dragonsite...................................Jessica Galbreth by Add an Accent

Jessica Galbreth was born on April 29th, 1974 in Toledo, Ohio. Though She studied fine art with a major in painting at the Toledo Museum of Art, she also considers herself largely a self-taught artist.  She crafts her original works of art mostly with watercolors, pen and ink, but at times also utilizes an airbrush and acrylic for certain effects.  

 Jessica began her art career in 1999 with a modest web site.  Much to her surprise, the interest in her fantasy and faery art seemed to increase very quickly once she showcased her art on-line, so she went on to expand her web site and product line.  Now you can find Jessica's work in numerous formats, from prints to greeting cards to calendars and books to collectible figurines.

If you are at all interested in her art, please visit her official site

I've included as much information as I can on these figures and where possible I've also included Jessica's original art for each piece so that you can compare and see how well the sculptor has done, I personally feel that the dragonsite sculptors have done a much better job that the add an accent ones.

All original artwork by Jessica Galbreth is Copyright to Jessica Galbreth, please don't use her artwork without permission! If you want more of her art why not buy her book 'The Enchanted world of Jessica Galbreth', it's well worth it and that way you don't steel her work