Nene Thomas Faeries




There are three main companies involved in producing sculptures of Nene's work, 'Add an Accent' and the far more superior 'Dragonsite' & 'Fairysite' (Fairysite are the same as Dragonsite pieces just under a new name), all are listed on this site

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Nene Thomas by Dragonsite...................................Nene Thomas by Add an Accent

Nene Thomas is a renowned and well respected fantasty artist whose art has been successfully transformed into figurines.

If you are at all interested in faerie's and fantasy art in general please visit her official site to see her fantastic artwork, I really can't recommend it highly enough

I've included as much information as I can on these figures and I've also included Nene's original art for each piece so that you can compare and see how well the sculptor has done, I personally feel that the dragonsite sculptors have done a much better job that the add an accent ones.

All original artwork by Nene Thomas is Copyright to Nene Thomas, please don't use her artwork without permission! If you want more of her art why not buy her book 'Parting the Veil', it's well worth it and that way you don't steel her work




The Link Above takes you to a page that lists all the rare pieces that have been sold at special thedragonsite shows over the years, there are paint trails & artist proofs etc...


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