This section is to show some photos of some 'Masters', these were cast in the original moulds using a harder wearing resin, they were used to create new rubber moulds when the original ones wore out and because they were made from a tougher resin, they lasted longer and could take a lot of rough handling in the factory

(Click on the thumbnails to see larger pictures)

EN2004 Jonquil - DragonsFootprint

EN2048 Bledderag

EN2138 Jewel Thief

EN2184 Pendra

EN2189 Bruntian

EN2241 Karaxus

EN2265 Orolan

EN2370 Dragonflight

EN3008 Dre'Ganth

EN3009 Jurellackk

EN3010 Sentry of Anconeus

EN3011 Anemoss

EN3012 Spoils of War

EN3013 Craagnagars Gate

EN3014 Filashk

EN30??  Zorgromn