Andrew Bill

Jonquil / Targrin (First ever Drawings)

Original concept artwork shown below was drawn by Andrew Bill and as such he owns the ęcopyright to this art - used with kind permission

These are the first ever drawings of Jonquil but when these were drawn he wasn't called Jonquil he was to be called 'Targrin'

The writing at the top of this art says: 'First Figures - Banf' Then underneath it says 'One Banf Alone, One with Terragon, Two Terragons alone' and under that it reads'Targrin + Rattajack Curled up asleep together' which would be the piece 'Safe', also at the bottom of the picture you can see a very small rough sketch for what would become 'Dragons Footprint'.


(Below) Very erm!..........Pantomime season style costume


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