Andy (aka agr61)

Hi Everybody

I started collecting Enchantica by accident.  It all started after going onto Doultons website late on in 2002/03, when they were selling Enchantica off at half price, and that started me off with it.

I then discovered Ebay, and that made it even worse.  I got to know quite a few sellers really well, including Teletour, Acstrades and finally got a contact stateside in Westofwyomming.

Then, while looking for retail outlets for the Enchantica range, I stumbled upon our favourite site, The Sorcerers Library, and some very nice people to talk to via the website.

Despite having recently sold some of my dragons to fund my second craze of home cinema and music, I’ve recently been very lucky with picking up several of the best pieces in Wings of War, Guardian of the Orb, Jewel Thief and Pia’Sharn.

The following photos are of what I kept and, as you can see, these also do justice to the range in its quality, and I will update with dragons at a later stage.