Amber Racy

On the outside, my house looks pretty normal.

On the inside, complete chaos.

Living room

Iím a collector.  It all started with rocks when I was a kid. Then, star wars figures. As I got older, I fell in love with gargoyles, not cheap plastic ones, the real cement solid heavy ones.  This is when I really started collecting.

That eventually lead to Windstone Editions.  They make wonderful gargoyles.  Pretty nice dragons too, I got a couple of the dragons and really liked them.


At around this time, I discovered EBay and Franklin Mint Michael Whelan dragons.

Michael Whelan dragons

I had come across Enchantica dragons a couple of times in my searches but I didnít pay them too much attentionÖat first. One day I decided to look into these dragons a little more. Thatís when I discovered Johnís site (this site) while during a search on the internet. From there, all hell broke loose.

I started collecting Enchantica, Fables, Dragonsite in 2003. Since then, I have acquired a somewhat large collection. Iíve lost count of how many and canít even take a guess.

Living in Canada, Iíve probably paid pretty close to the value of my house in just shipping costs alone.  KiddingÖkindaÖmaybe notÖ

I get a lot of pieces that arrived damaged after their long journey here and Iíve been getting better and better at restoring them. Iíve also taken a stab at repainting a couple of pieces.

Self repaired & repainted "Secrets"

These days when I get a new piece, it takes me over an hour of trying to rearrange stuff to squeeze it in somewhere.

I also collect Hap Henriksen, Sideshow LOTR, Swords, Daggers, Original and limited edition fantasy, wildlife, folk, and anything that appeals to me art. I also like antiques and my latest fascination seems to be with old Violins.

My favorite pieces as of today are as follows:

Fables: "Genesis" and "Arimaspians Stone"

Dragonsite: "Secrets", "Incantation" & "Chameleon"

Sideshow: "Ringwraith on Steed".

Enchantica: "Ocean Dragon" painted by Caroline Briggs (and was owned by the late Trevor Smith). "Avenger", "Jewel Dragon", "Juredu", "Jabel", "Malgromoth", "Dragonflight", "Tzabazeus", "Wings of War" and many, many more.

Others:  "Keeper of Time" by Dragonfire studios (Karl Deen Sanders)

Pieces that I want most that I donít have are The Sins and one of my all time favorites,Tzabazeus that was repainted by Caroline Briggs.


What I want most that hasnít been made yet is a line of dark Angels, preferably made by The Dragonsite. I really would love to see these two made.

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