Paul (Boz) Bodsworth

Hi, im Paul (Boz) to my friends. I first started collecting when the original Enchantica season dragons came out, little did I know how much effect this was going to have in my life. I tend to live my life in a fantasy world so I never really grew up, I still act the fool even now. 

When I met Lisa my third wife she shared my enthusiasm for dragons, she also liked fairies and so the four season dragons became what you see now. Most of the fairies (Jenny Oliver and Clarecraft) are at her home along with a few other items.

I would like to say without Lisa I could not have made this collection

Living room


Computer desk

A few repaints and TSL pieces

A selection of Genesis Creations, Pocket Dragons, Exodus, Little Gems and a few others

They also extend out into the garden...

Dragons have also been inked on his skin...

You can also see photos of Paul really getting into the spirit of things at the 2000 & 2001 Enchantica Extravaganzas where he attended in full wizard costumes (Mezereon & Gembranosus)

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