Brenda & Tim

I first started collecting Enchantica when it launched in a local shop in 1988. My very first piece was Grawlfang edition 1. At the time money was a little scarce so I only collected dragons, Snappas and Terragons. Even back then I was very proud of my collection. As time went by all of the local shops stopped stocking Enchantica, and new pieces, especially the larger dragons were becoming more expensive so I couldn’t collect as many as I would have liked to.

Unfortunately in 1994 I was diagnosed with viral cardiomyopathy and was assessed at Harefield Hospital for a heart transplant. Fortunately I was placed on the waiting list as they had informed me that my heart would not last for another 5 years. This was a bitter blow but I am a bit of a battler! So to cut a long story short I received a new heart in June 1998. Being given a second chance I realised life was for living so started collecting again. From the we have gone from strength to strength and the collection has grown.

When Royal Doulton took over from Holland Studio Craft I felt that quality started to deteriorate, one of the pieces I was particularly disappointed with was Dragonflight. Then came Dragonsite, and the “buzz” was back again. Andrew Bill at his finest and those beautiful Nene Thomas fairies. Then I was made redundant after working for 30 years with the same company and collecting halted again. Just occasional pieces as and when. But hopefully things are on the up and I can try to get some of the pieces we have missed.

As you can see I did manage to collect quite a lot of Enchantica, approximately 250 pieces I think including most of the very large pieces. I suppose my favourite still has to be that original Grawlfang but Avenger comes in a very close second! We have decided that some of my other collections e.g. Goss crested china, Siamese plates and ornaments and Flower Fairies may have to go to make room for new Dragonsite pieces. I hope you enjoy looking at our collection.

Cross Stitch by Brenda (First is 'The Castle' designed by Teresa Wentzler)

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