Well where do i start!
As a young 18 yr old I'd always had a love of reading fantasy fiction, so when walking past a gallery gift store in my work town of Dartford in Kent i noticed a wizard sculpture in the shop window with Enchantica written by it, naturally I went in to investigate further and the rest they say is history
christmas that year saw my first piece in my possession, FANTAZAR 1st edition, and to this day one of my favourite pieces, especially as it was bought by my parents.

For several years the collection grew, but never saw the light of a cabinet until some 7 yrs later when i'd bought my first house, sadly this only lasted a brief period when at 30 I became single again and the collection went back into their boxes for another 7 yrs and its probably around this time that I'd lost interest as the boxes remained in my loft till last year when i finally moved into a house big enough to be able to get them on display.

Wondering what pieces i could collect to fill in the missing gaps i turned to the computer and the fabled ebay...... yes, you all know where this is heading.... downhill rapidly.  i've managed to secure some great pieces and most importantly some great info thanks to this wonderful site, and hopefully along the way some new friends.

I've finally managed to collect two of the pieces I would so dearly of loved to have owned when i was younger but could never afford................
the duelling dragons

And thanks (or maybe not if you're my other half) my interest has been sparked to life with the new VM pieces by my favourite sculptor Andrew Bill
So now at a youthful 38 my collection has doubled in less than 3 months from the original 60 pieces that have been stored lovingly for so long, and now takepride of place in my dining room

My job as a paramedic enables me enough time off to scour the internet hunting down pieces i still need...........the hunt will go on :)
I'd just like to say big thanks to the guys n girls on the forum for giving me a warm welcome and a very big thanks to John for producing such a useful and informative site. Could not even begin to imagine the work that went into it
regards cj (chris)

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