Dan & Brandy

Hello all.

Pull up a chair, sit back, and listen to a tale. A tale of debt. A tale of debt and addiction. A tale of debt, addiction, and most importantly many, may smiles.

Both Brandy and I grew up in childhoods of adversity and poverty. Books were a way for us to get away from our surroundings and see the world (and many other worlds existing only in the minds of the authors). Piers Anthony, Jean M. Auel, Steven R. Donaldson, Frank Herbert, Mary Stewart, and many others fueled our imaginations and our love of fantasy and mythology. Alas, the wonderful images these books created in our minds were to remain where they were conjured. That is until early 2006.

We were browsing in a local store and Brandy found Nene Thomas’ sculpture Blue Dream and fell in love with it. Over the next few months we added a few more Nene pieces but the proverbial dam broke when we visited the Dragonsite website. Brandy was overwhelmed with all the pretty fairies and I was quite fond of some of them as well.

Many fairies later I stumbled upon the TSL forums and the great community of people here. Thanks to John and his thorough catalogs we added most of Andrew Bill’s VerbuMMagus line to our collection. There was finally an outlet for all those dragons flying around in our heads.

I also have John to blame for my latest passion, Hap Henriksen’s wizards. They are, in my eyes, the best representations of what wizards should be and I cherish each new one we get. Thank you John.

Living Room


Above the TV

Both sides of the TV



And there we have it, the collection as it stands today. As George Carlin jokes, We now need a bigger place for all our stuff.


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