Hi All,

Thanks for checking out my collection, it was this site really that inspired me to start collecting Dragonsite fairies, so John is to blame for my empty back account.

I always loved Jessica Galbreth’s work, and for my 30th birthday I got a signed copy of her book with a very special message from her.

As you can see I don’t have a decent glass cabinet, but as I am spending 80% of my day working from home on my PC I put all my shelving around my computer so I can see them all day long without having to turn around.

Full Shelf with all of my lovely ‘friends’ (apart from Sheila and Brigid’s, who are on a different shelf).

I really started of with the Zodiac fairies, which I personally think are amazing. The Courage (Leo - my own star sign) figurine was actually the first one I bought, which just shows how new I am to finally collecting them.

My Zodiacs with the Faery Tails in front

Afterwards I really started to get on with collecting, so here are some pictures of my shelves now.

Top shelf (Jessica Galbreth Butterfly Ballerinas and Nene Thomas Hanging Fairies as well as the BaubleRiders):

Middle shelf (Jessica Galbreth and Selina Fenech – while I like Selina’s figurines  Jessica’s are still my favourites):

Bottom Shelf (Nene Thomas and Jacqueline Collen-Tarrolly – even though a lot of people dislike JCT I think they have something quite sweet, same with Brigid Ashwood’s fairies, which are kind of similar. However Nene’s ones are still a cut above the rest, I like her darkness)

Next to my beloved Zodiac’s I also have Ruth Thompson’s again with the Faery Tails around (which are actually quite enchanting within themselves)

Well and last but not least there is Sheila Wolk, I used to have Guardian and Lure as well, but got rid of as they didn’t do it for me. There are also Brigid Ashwood Fairy Spites on the shelve with them.

My favourite one however will have to me the repaint that Tina Sherratt did for me. Its Nene Thomas’s Queen of Shadows repainted based on the Emerald Hawthorn picture. I got her for Christmas 2007 and she is really rather stunning.

Well this is me after collecting for about a year … who knows where I will put the 2008 figurines, but I know I won’t stop here.

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