I started collecting Enchantica in 1997 when I was bought "Treeflame" as a Christmas Present, then I bought "Snowstar" and from that point I was totally hooked! I dont know how many pieces I've got but I've been told I have far too many as my loft will testify!!!!



I went to an Enchantica event in 2001 and it was there I was shown a Dragonsite piece which was called "Deliverence" which I thought was amazing, so I started collecting their dragons as well!



My favourite pieces include "Vrorst on the Throne", third edition "Waxifrade", "Glimmerscale", "Battle at Dragonskeep" and the "Sinners" amongst others.



The new pieces I want to buy next are the remaining "Sinners" (as long as there is a desire by The Dragonsite to actually get the range completed) and of course the next TSL piece!



The photos shown are mainly of my Dragonsite collection as my Enchantica pieces are still being sorted out. When this has been done, I will ask Marv to update my profile


Profile added April 15th 2007