John Rogers

I started collecting Enchantica when I was 14 and it all began when I was given that famous red and white box for Christmas - this one held Zarn. Taking him carefully out the box I knew this was something special. 10 years later and I find myself with three cabinets full of dragons and some funny looks from my friends! 

Some of my favourite and rare pieces I own include the Orolan Chess piece in pewter which I believe is the only one made since it was a concept, Kraall Candleholder No.1/165 in the sepia colours, The Jewel Thief and the bronze miniature season dragons.

My interest has shifted away from Enchantica in recent years and more towards Dragonsite and the Andrew Bill specials. But, I am always on the look out for the old Enchantica prestige pieces - Avenger, Flight to Danger and Terragor are on my hit list!"


 Profile added 26th of August 2009