Neil Bundy

OK, first of all, I spend too much time at work. Far too much time in fact... Right, oh yes. Interests...

Season ticket holder at Man City Football Club since 1997.





Major DVD movie freak, love my home cinema Plasma / 6.1 surround setup, it's my pride & joy!

Playing poker - specifically Texas Holdem (limit). Play most Monday nights with friends, not for money though. Lose both money and friends that way and I don't want that!

Driving. Some people find it a chore, I find it relaxing and I love it!

Also love playing around with and building computers, less so now than I used to because IT is now part of my job. Have vowed never to make & sell computers to people I know - ANY questions, problems, guess who they come to...



Oops, almost forgot. And collecting Enchy & DS dragons!!!...

Got my first dragons, Pendra & Wood Widger in 1996 or 1997 (97 I think) at the only Extrav I ever went to.


Always wanted to start collecting properly, but never had the time or the space (or permission from other half at the time to have them around the house - she hated them!)




Split up (amicably) with the ex-fiancee a couple of years ago, and got my own place again, blew my bonus on dragons in 2005, and now I have about 60 dragons dotted around the place - as you can see from the pics - I MUST get some more cabinets...