Hello my name is Tonirose (aka dragonrose on the forum)

My first dragon 'Nightflame' arrived in 1998 thanks to my mum but i think she has regretted it ever since!

The start of it all

I just used to get dragons for christmas and birthdays back then.

When i got a full time job in 2001.... I just went dragon crazy and have been ever since.

Door entrance

General room view

Shelves closer up
Top of wardrobe

Tall thin glass cabinet


Dressing table and shelves

Others not in main photo


Wood unit

Original concept art by Rob Simpson

Prints & Dragon Sword

Peter Pracownik limited edition prints 'Purple Dragon' & 'Temperance' close-up

Jigsaw and Poster

I would like to say that without this site and fellow collectors and friends there are many pieces i would never have been able to get 

So thank you all very much :D

I hope that you all like looking at my collection. 


 Profile added 8th of May 2010