(The Word Wizard)

(Keeper of a Great Treasure)

Two thousand tales of magic and adventure
One keeper to watch over them, the Word Wizard, the verbuMMagus

We all know that words have power:the power to hurt, heal, please, offend. Words in the mouth of a wizard, however, have a much greater potency; they can bring forth dragons!

The dust-laden shelves of the old library contain large, leather-bound books bursting with stories of heroes and villians, princes and paupers, all busily engaged in good or evil. Each heavy volume is a world unto itself, with its own time and history, peoples and continents. The oldest books have the greatest power, for theirs are the oldest stories. Tales that have stood long centuries upon the shelves, a wealth of years through which to percolate the powers of the enchanters of whom they tell.

Being the consummate librarius, the Word Wizard classifies his collection by order of their content. Tales of darkness, horror and fear may be found under Gothic. Heroes, quests and derring-do are under Adventure. Sorcery, Mystery, Mythology and Faerie tales all have their place.

The verbuMMagus knows these epics well for some of their characters visit him when their books are open. Sorcerers who can spirit themselves from one tale to conjure forth a dragon from another, or a bold knight eager to learn how to achieve the greatest quest contained within the bejewelled covers of his own story. The supreme arbiter gives aid if he pleases and closes the book if he does not.

And do the errant characters always return to the same opus from which they came? The verbuMMagus knows but as always his answer is only an enigmatic smile.

Two thousand tales of magic and adventure, one keeper to watch over them, an old wizened figure in a long coat of faded glory almost as ancient and forgotten as the tall oak cases that surround him: the Word Wizard, the verbuMMagus.

The above text is taken from the certificate that comes with the piece and was written by Andrew Bill






Keeper of a Great Treasure




H - 20cm (8") / W - 24cm (10") / D - 12cm (5")


July 2005*


Still in Production


Open Edition (this became the 2005 Annual piece






55.00 ($90.00)


This is the Verbum Magus himself, the one who gives his name to the entire range.

It was intended to be a limited piece of 2000 but a decision was made to make him the annual piece for 2005

*Even though it is the annual piece it didn't make it for release until July

Just one slight dissapointment for me was the loss of the glasses that were seen on the wax master, I thought that they added even more character to the wizards face.



I love the expression on his face! you can also see that his big cloak collar looks like the pages from books, I just wish he had a pair of glasses

Below you can see the knight on his horse and a dragon forming within his cloak

Again you can see that his cloak collar looks like an open book

Below shows that the piece was going to be one of the 2000 limited pieces but it was changed and it became the Annual piece for 2005

Below is what is printed on the base of the piece

Below is the front and back view of the certificate that comes supplied with 'Verbum Magus'

Below is the unfinished wax master

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