By Andrew Bill

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He sits upon his lofty throne surveying the sprawling kingdoms of dragons and men, which under his watchful eye entwine and merge in the spirit of amity and co-operation. The wizard has never lost the affection of the dragons with whom he can converse in their silent tonque, or the love and respect of his people. He is a unique figure, one venerated by both races.

For the Dragonmaster, it was, who negotiated consent from the dragons for the building of the great city within their mountain kingdom, and through his skill and authority brought properity and peace the the kingdoms.


Dragonmaster is a special piece by Andrew Bill that is made to order and you can choose what colours you want the finished piece to be, so every piece is individual.

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What is the Piece?
This is a wizard sat on a dragon throne

The Limited Run
The piece is extremely limited to just 50 figurines, all pieces come complete with a numbered certificate and are all personally signed by Sculptor Andrew Bill

The Size
 Height - 20cm (8")
Depth (front to back) - 19cm (7.5")
Width - 14.5cm (5.75")

The price
200 (bespoke painted piece)
155 (unpainted white)

How to Order One
 To buy or enquire about Dragonmaster, please contact Andrew Bill Direct at enquiries@andrewbill.com

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