Both the Welsh and English adopted the dragon as their battle flag, The Red Dragon for the Welsh, while for the English it was the White Dragon that was to endure. The English Dragon was flown by Harold II, when he destroyed the Norse army at the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066 and it was the banner under which he and his warriors fought to the death, three weeks later.

By Andrew Bill

This piece was sculpted for the 12.12.12 event and is a high relief plaque. It is available to order now but It will only be available until the end of January 2013

Price: 45.00 (plus shipping costs)
Size: 8.5" x 6"
To Order: email Andrew Bill at enquiries@andrewbill.com


Below is the Certificate

The photos below are of the unfinished wax which just requires a little sharpening of the detail like claws etc... plus the addition of teeth.



Below is the plaque on Andrews work bench with the artwork above it

This is the artwork

And this is the coloured artwork used for promotion of the 12.12.12 event
This is the actual colourway for the finished piece too

And finally this is a special colourway that Andrew Bill painted with a purple background and orange/yellow dragon