This piece was publicly announced by Andrew in March 2009 and then released in April 2009 and it's his interpretation of the story of the Laidly Wyrm which is a Dragon legend from Northumbria.

There is more than one version of this tale but Andy decided to portray the legend as it is told in the Ballad of Kemp Owyne. It tells of a beautiful girl whose wicked and jealous, new stepmother had her cast from a cliff into the sea, at the same time laying a curse upon her which turned her into a dragon. The ballad goes:

"Her breath grew strang, her hare grew lang, and twisted three times about the tree, and all the people, far and near, thought that a savage beast was she."

The curse could only be lifted from the girl if one particular knight, Kemp Owyne, should kiss her three times. One day he arrives at the cliff with the intention of slaying the monster, but she challenges him to kiss her instead, and utters a strange verse:

"'Here is a royal belt,' she cried, 'that I have found in the green sea! And while your body it is on, drawn shall your blood never be; but if you touch me, tail or fin, I swear my belt your death shall be!'"

The knight kisses her three times, and with each kiss her hair loosens a little from the tree; at the third, her human form returns, and he greets her as his true love. As for the wicked stepmother, the curse rebounds on her and she is transformed into a rough-haired four footed monster.

The piece is limited to just 95 pieces and comes complete with a certificate of authenticity signed by Andrew Bill
Size - Height 21cm (8"),  Width 15cm (6"), Depth 8cm (3")
It can be purchased painted (in the featured colourway only) or as an unpainted white
Price - 95.00 painted or 80.00 unpainted
(Link takes you to Andrew Bills site where there is an order form)

Below is an unpainted white with the painted version, Click on the picture to see the unpainted white & a master

Below is the Certificate


Please note that the painted version on this page is the paint master that Andrew Bill painted himself (photos taken by me), the rest will be painted by Tina Sherratt using this piece as the guide