By Andrew Bill

The official photos above have been supplied by Andrew Bill - used with kind permission
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The ferocius Viking hordes of the Ninth Century ravaged their way along the shores of Northern Europe. They had a fierce appetite for mayhem, murder and gold, eager to face all comers who dared to challenge their vile conquest.

They were not alone, however, in their taste for precious plunder. For the great wyrms of the Haunted Isles, whose eyries crowned the granite ramparts that towered above the banks of eternal sea fog, also had an eye far keener than any Norse pirate, and a taste for terror far worse than any mortal marauder


Marauder is a special piece by Andrew Bill that was made to order and you could choose what colours you wanted the finished piece to be, so every piece is individual.

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What is the Piece?
This is a large dragon attacking a Viking ship that is full of gold

The Limited Run
The piece was to be limited to 150 figurines and that is inclusive of the whites but Mouldart closed in April 2007 so the piece never reached it's limited run with them, Andrew Bill was left with the awkward decision, either find someone else to produce it or close the edition, after a lot of searching and working out the costs it was decided that it wasn't comercially viable to re-mold & re-cast it so production ended. All pieces come complete with a numbered certificate and are all personally signed (not pre-printed signatures) by the Sculptor Andrew Bill, plus the pieces produced by Mouldart were also signed by Andrew Tittensor and Dave Brown the directors of Mouldart

Andy didn't have full records of all the pieces that were made and sold via mouldart so the decision was made to number the final 2 pieces that he had as 41 & 42 in 2008 to keep them separate from the rest and to be positive that there were no doubles.

The Size
 Height - 24.1cm (9.5")
Depth (front to back) - 20.9cm (8.25")
Width - 21.6cm (8.5")

The price
(*Note - this piece is officially retired and no more will be made)
*165.00 (bespoke painted piece)
*90.00 (fully assembled unpainted white)
80.00 (kit form)


The photo below is of the original wax sculpture - Photo copyright of Andrew Bill


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