A Brief History

Dragon Bones is the Creation of ex-Enchantica sculptor James Brierley. When James left RD/HSC in November 1999 he decided to create a Fantasy range of his own but he wanted to do something different and since there were plenty of '3D' Dragons he decided to do some fossilised Dragons.

So in 2000 the first few pieces were released and they were very popular, later realeases have even better detail with the 'Fossil' having a deeper 3D feel while still remaining 2D pieces.

James work's with the piece through out it's production, first he sculpts the piece then he make a master from the wax sculpture himself and from the master he makes the first test piece which he then paints how he want's it and only when he is happy with the end result does he let the piece go into full production that way he has full control from beginning to end.

James managed to get Enchantica creator Andrew Bill (also the creator of many ranges released by thedragonsite.com - Verbum Magus, Bookwyrms & Seven Sins) to sculpt a couple of pieces.

After a lot of inactivity with the range, it was agreed that the UK owner of thedragonsite.com should take Dragonbones under his wing under the dragonsites UK parent companies name "Fantasy Gifts Limited", a move that I was very happy to see (though I would have prefered it to be part of the dragonsite range). So in February 2007 the range got a new lease of life. hopefully we may get to see a few new pieces released sculpted by James and Andrew.





Other Information

The first 500 piece's of each piece come with a small coin embedded into the piece as shown below, after that they are left plain

Each piece also comes with one or two wall hanging hooks on the back as shown below

Packaging Design

The boxes for the Dragon Bones range are shown in the picture below, the main box is real wood and constructed like a packing crate with a red Dragon logo stamped on the top lid, the interior packing consists of Hessian cloth to wrap the piece plus extra packing comes in the form of small Styrofoam blocks for padding and it also has bubble wrap around the piece.

Certificates and Paperwork

Each piece comes with a small brown card certificate with the pieces limited number and information like the condition of the fossil and the type of stone it is in, The picture below shows the certificate for 'Draco-Inviolatus'.

Other paperwork that comes with each piece includes a mock newsletter an a mock magazine cutting as shown below - To read the Newsletters and Magazine cutting Click Here

How to contact and purchase Dragonbones pieces

You can contact Fantasy Gifts Limited in any of the following ways


By Phone - +44 (0)1606 359111

By Fax - +44 (0)1606 359111

By e-mail - enquiries@fantasygiftsltd.com

By Web site - Fantasy Gifts Limited (nothing here yet)


Or By Post - Fantasy Gifts Limited
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