Re-Paints, Artist Proofs etc...

This section is to show off artist proofs and pieces painted at promotional shows plus collectors pieces that they have had repainted by professional artists like Tina Sherratt.

(Click on the thumbnails to see larger pictures)

FB6002/3 Encounter - Artist Proof sold at the 1996 Enchantica Extravaganza auction

FB6006/7 Vigour - Artist Proof in black

FB6008 Endeavour, FB6014 Cherish, FB6044 Wonder & FB6045 Breeze - factory painted in yellow

FB6032/33 Startled - Silver Plated

FB6501 Monarch - Professional repaint by Tina Sherratt

FB6502 Pride - Artist proof Griffin painted in more natural Lion colours

FB6511 Zephyr - Artist Proof in Black

FB6514 Unity - Factory repaint in lighter blues for a collector