Current market values of Hap Henriksens Land of Legends on eBay as of January 2008
(List kindly supplied by Dan Ricci)

Due to the very unstable source that is eBay, this should only to be used as a rough guide and not as a precise valuation tool

Piece Price


Albenon the Forest Dragon 27.00GBP 8/20/2007 UK
Albenon the Forest Dragon(Damaged) 3.71GBP 10/5/2007 UK
Alkmyne  76.00GBP 4/16/2006 UK
Alkmyne  75.00GBP 8/28/2006 UK
Alkmyne  53.00US 10/15/2006 US
Alkmyne  68.48US 10/16/2006 US
Alkmyne  85.00GBP 3/11/2007 UK
Alkmyne  39.55GBP 4/3/2007 UK
Alkmyne  26.61GBP 4/15/2007 UK
Alkmyne  26.00GBP 9/10/2007 UK
Alkmyne  85.00US 12/17/2007 US
Apothes the Herbalist 102.50US 3/19/2006 US
Apothes the Herbalist 1.00EUR 11/26/2006 Germany
Apothes the Herbalist 77.55GBP 1/21/2007 UK
Apothes the Herbalist 149.70US 11/6/2007 US
Apothes the Herbalist 85.00US 12/5/2007 US
Apothes the Herbalist 41.01US 12/16/2007 US
Apothes the Herbalist 79.99US 1/16/2008 US
Archimedes Lesson 104.55GBP 1/21/2007 UK
Archimedes Lesson 56.00GBP 3/10/2007 UK
Archimedes Lesson (Damage) 1.00GBP 4/22/2007 UK
Archimedes Lesson 46.00GBP 4/23/2007 UK
Archimedes Lesson 32.01GBP 9/23/2007 UK
Archimedes Lesson 26.51GBP 12/5/2007 UK
Astrol 69.72GBP 3/10/2007 UK
Astrol 63.79GBP 4/2/2007 UK
Atnanticus 46.00GBP 3/28/2007 UK
Atnanticus 40.00GBP 4/22/2007 UK
Atnanticus 15.51GBP 12/13/2007 UK
Awakening 50.00GBP 1/18/2007 UK
Awakening (Damaged) 1.20GBP 4/22/2007 UK
Awakening Pin 9.99GBP 11/8/2007 UK
Baggin' Dragon (signed) 15.21GBP 2/11/2007 UK
Baggin' Dragon 16.00GBP 4/12/2007 UK
Balador (signed) 46.00GBP 8/28/2006 UK
Balador 26.10GBP 9/21/2006 UK
Balador 20.50US 9/26/2006 US
Balador (signed) 56.00GBP 11/26/2006 UK
Balador 26.95GBP 1/18/2007 UK
Balador 30.00GBP 3/30/2007 UK
Balador 43.00US 3/27/2007 US
Balador 28.00GBP 8/20/2007 UK
Balador 30.99GBP 11/8/2007 UK
Balance of Truth (signed) 82.01GBP 5/14/2006 UK
Balance of Truth (signed) 60.00GBP 8/28/2006 UK
Balance of Truth 88.75US 9/25/2006 US
Balance of Truth   56.00GBP 12/3/2006 UK
Balance of Truth 74.96GBP 12/19/2006 UK
Balance of Truth 75.00GBP 4/5/2007 UK
Balance of Truth 12.56GBP 8/5/2007 UK
Bilanx 83.22GBP 8/28/2006 UK
Bilanx 262.76US 10/22/2006 US
Bilanx (Damaged) 46.01GBP 3/10/2007 UK
Bilanx 64.52GBP 4/19/2007 UK
Bilanx 87.86US 10/1/2007 US
Bilanx 120.22GBP 12/26/2007 UK
Bilanx 79.99GBP 1/5/2008 UK
Compriez 9.99GBP 11/30/2006 UK
Compriez 16.00GBP 12/3/2006 UK
Compriez 23.25GBP 4/5/2007 UK
Compriez 22.66GBP 11/1/2007 UK
Confrontation (Damaged) 62.00GBP 2/14/2007 UK
Conversation 216.88GBP 12/15/2006 UK
Conversation 52.00GBP 3/10/2007 UK
Conversation 209.00US 6/21/2007 US
Conversation 35.20GBP 11/26/2007 UK
Cryphon Brooch 8.99GBP 1/5/2008 UK
Cryphon Pendant 9.99GBP 9/3/2007 UK
Crystal Gazer 82.00GBP 3/10/2007 UK
Curiosity 102.97GBP 2/14/2007 UK
Curiosity 32.00GBP 8/19/2007 UK
Curiosity 93.00GBP 1/5/2008 UK
Day and Night 106.05US 1/11/2007 US
Decemuirs;Dragon of the Frost 100.00GBP 2/8/2007 UK
Drac of Romania Pendant 9.99GBP 9/3/2007 UK
Drac Terriblius 64.77GBP 12/17/2006 UK
Dragon Lord 92.00GBP 11/23/2006 UK
Dragon Lord 37.76GBP 11/24/2006 UK
Dragon Lord 70.00GBP 2/19/2007 UK
Dragon Lord 67.25GBP 3/10/2007 UK
Dragon Master 240.79GBP 1/27/2007 UK
Dragon Master 299.98US 3/15/2007 US
Dragon Master 179.11US 12/16/2007 US
Dragon of the Golden Hoard 56.00GBP 1/18/2007 UK
Dragon of the Golden Hoard 62.00GBP 2/26/2007 UK
Dragon of the Golden Hoard 52.00GBP 8/30/2007 UK
Dragon of the Golden Hoard 89.88US 11/12/2007 US
Dragon of the Golden Hoard 61.00US 11/30/2007 US
Dryadaux Wall Plaque 62.61US 10/15/2007 US
Elusive Potion 332.00GBP 12/14/2006 UK
Elusive Potion 173.50US 1/30/2007 US
Elusive Potion 175.01US 11/8/2007 US
Elusive Potion 86.95GBP 11/22/2007 UK
Elusive Potion 125.00US 12/16/2007 US
Farundell 49.99GBP 12/17/2006 UK
Farundell 42.45GBP 4/4/2007 UK
Farundell 122.00GBP 8/29/2007 UK
Fidem 9.99GBP 11/30/2006 UK
Fidem 19.99GBP 4/19/2007 UK
Foreshadow the Seer 76.00US 9/25/2006 US
Foreshadow the Seer 82.78GBP 12/19/2006 UK
Foreshadow the Seer 59.00GBP 4/23/2007 UK
Foreshadow the Seer (Crystal Ed.) 56.50GBP 8/9/2007 UK
Foreshadow the Seer (Damaged) 15.50GBP 8/29/2007 UK
Foreshadow the Seer 73.99US 10/15/2007 US
Foreshadow the Seer 52.00GBP 11/30/2007 UK
Gallianaus 87.99GBP 3/22/2007 UK
Gallianaus 86.00GBP 11/1/2007 UK
Gallianaus 88.00GBP 11/21/2007 Netherlands
Gallianaus 79.99GBP 1/5/2008 UK
Hatched 34.00US 11/25/2007 US
The Hatchling 72.99GBP 1/18/2007 UK
The Hatchling 36.00GBP 2/9/2007 UK
The Hatchling 21.00GBP 9/30/2007 UK
The Hatchling 27.62GBP 11/22/2007 UK
His Majesty Baldrick 364.00US 10/5/2006 US
His Majesty Baldrick 455.00US 1/9/2007 US
His Majesty Baldrick 176.00GBP 4/19/2007 UK
Histra Rex 133.00GBP 3/22/2007 UK
Hopai 33.00GBP 11/30/2006 UK
Hopai 19.99GBP 8/23/2007 UK
Howland the Wise 26.00US 9/25/2006 US
Howland the Wise 120.88GBP 12/3/2006 UK
Howland the Wise 30.00GBP 12/9/2006 UK
Howland the Wise 50.00GBP 12/19/2006 UK
Howland the Wise 27.00GBP 9/16/2007 UK
Howland the Wise 51.00GBP 10/25/2007 UK
In The Wizards Lair Print (Signed #3/5) 46.99GBP 2/12/2007 UK
In The Wizards Lair Print (Signed #5/5) 21.00GBP 2/26/2007 UK
In The Wizards Lair Print (14/150) 25.00GBP 3/10/2007 UK
In The Wizards Lair Print (Signed #1/5) 11.99GBP 4/14/2007 UK
Jockomo 30.00GBP 7/30/2007 UK
Jollies Pitchbelly 230.50US 10/27/2006 US
Jollies Pitchbelly (Damaged) 6.50GBP 6/17/2007 UK
Journeyman 81.22GBP 8/28/2006 UK
Journeyman 61.00US 9/15/2006 US
Journeyman 31.00GBP 9/20/2006 UK
Journeyman 74.99GBP 10/7/2006 UK
Journeyman 60.99US 11/9/2006 US
Journeyman 23.59GBP 11/21/2006 UK
Journeyman 36.00GBP 11/26/2006 UK
Journeyman 50.00GBP 1/5/2007 UK
Journeyman 51.00GBP 2/5/2007 UK
Journeyman 40.99GBP 2/19/2007 UK
Journeyman 40.00GBP 11/5/2007 UK
Karojan 34.00GBP 11/30/2006 UK
Karojan 17.00GBP 2/12/2007 UK
Karojan 25.52GBP 3/26/2007 UK
Karojan 3.70GBP 12/27/2007 UK
Knowe 87.72GBP 4/9/2007 UK
Knowe 73.90GBP 11/5/2007 UK
La Di Da Toogoode 161.61US 2/21/2007 US
La Di Da Toogoode 185.00US 4/8/2007 US
La Di Da Toogoode 89.00GBP 4/19/2007 UK
Lackey 67.00US 10/28/2006 Australia
Lackey 75.00GBP 1/29/2007 UK
Lackey 52.04GBP 9/3/2007 UK
Lackey 41.00GBP 11/20/2007 UK
Laecan 56.00GBP 9/21/2006 UK
Laecan 102.50US 12/9/2006 US
Laecan 54.74GBP 4/5/2007 UK
Laecan 47.55GBP 11/1/2007 UK
Laidley Worm 34.00GBP 2/9/2007 UK
Laidley Worm 50.00GBP 3/7/2007 UK
Laidley Worm 22.99GBP 3/10/2007 UK
Laidley Worm 23.00GBP 4/1/2007 UK
Laidley Worm 29.99GBP 9/6/2007 UK
Land of Legend Brooch/Pin 8.00GBP 4/12/2007 UK
Land of Legend Plaque 16.00GBP 6/24/2007 UK
Let Sleeping Dragons Lie 155.00GBP 4/23/2007 UK
Leviathan 50.00GBP 1/18/2007 UK
Leviathan 42.50US 1/24/2007 US
Leviathan 22.00GBP 4/16/2007 UK
Magic Sword 88.55GBP 2/5/2007 UK
Magic Sword 58.50GBP 3/18/2007 UK
Magic Sword 43.00GBP 8/9/2007 UK
Magic Sword 51.01GBP 10/25/2007 UK
Merchant of Dreams 304.00GBP 3/18/2007 UK
Merlinus Ambrosius 82.00GBP 4/30/2006 UK
Merlinus Ambrosius (signed) 41.00GBP 5/14/2006 UK
Merlinus Ambrosius 51.00US 9/25/2006 US
Merlinus Ambrosius 59.51GBP 2/12/2007 UK
Merlinus Ambrosius 82.00GBP 3/4/2007 UK
Merlinus Ambrosius 82.80GBP 11/20/2007 UK
Merlinus Ambrosius 35.55GBP 12/10/2007 UK
Merlyn Wizardwatcher 76.00US 1/9/2007 US
Merlyn Wizardwatcher 31.00GBP 4/8/2007 UK
Merlyn Wizardwatcher (White) 23.00GBP 9/10/2007 UK
Merlyn Wizardwatcher 74.61US 10/15/2007 US
Merlyn Wizardwatcher 21.51US 11/7/2007 US
Merlyn Wizardwatcher 38.00US 12/14/2007 US
Merry Andrew 96.99GBP 4/9/2007 UK
Merry Andrew 31.00GBP 6/17/2007 UK
Merryweather Sunlighter 90.00GBP 9/26/2006 UK
Merryweather Sunlighter 203.50US 10/2/2006 US
Merryweather Sunlighter 225.00US 1/25/2007 US
Merryweather Sunlighter 255.00GBP 1/28/2007 UK
Merryweather Sunlighter 292.75US 2/27/2007 US
Merryweather Sunlighter 235.00GBP 3/26/2007 UK
Merryweather Sunlighter 147.00GBP 4/20/2007 UK
Merryweather Sunlighter 68.00GBP 8/12/2007 UK
Merryweather Sunlighter 172.50US 9/23/2007 US
Merryweather Sunlighter 203.50US 10/15/2007 US
Merryweather Sunlighter 104.00GBP 10/25/2007 UK
Merryweather Sunlighter 120.01GBP 1/5/2008 UK
Merryweather Sunlighter Plate 45.00GBP 3/7/2007 UK
Merryweather Sunlighter Plate 29.99GBP 3/8/2007 UK
Morgan La Fey 105.50GBP 1/5/2007 UK
Morgan La Fey 52.55GBP 2/19/2007 UK
Morgan La Fey 104.00GBP 8/9/2007 UK
Moriah 10.50GBP 9/5/2006 UK
Moriah   81.00US 9/23/2006 US
Moriah 57.61US 9/27/2006 US
Moriah 51.05GBP 11/12/2006 UK
Moriah (crystal) 103.00GBP 1/3/2007 Netherlands
Moriah 32.00GBP 2/15/2007 UK
Moriah (Damaged) 50.00GBP 9/13/2007 UK
Moriah 74.61US 10/15/2007 US
Moriah (Damaged) 14.00GBP 10/15/2007 UK
Moriah 45.00GBP 11/3/2007 UK
Moriah (crystal) 41.00GBP 11/26/2007 UK
Moriah 21.00GBP 11/30/2007 UK
Moriah (Crystal) (Damaged) 10.49GBP 12/10/2007 UK
Mydwynter 112.50US 9/14/2006 US
Mydwynter 204.26US 10/28/2006 Australia
Mydwynter 170.00GBP 12/28/2006 Netherlands
Mydwynter 63.00GBP 7/30/2007 UK
Mydwynter 70.99US 12/13/2007 US
Nateur (signed) 115.57GBP 4/30/2006 UK
Nateur 46.56GBP 5/1/2006 UK
Nateur 34.33GBP 10/6/2007 UK
Nemesis 59.88GBP 12/10/2006 UK
Nemesis 27.52GBP 3/26/2007 UK
Nemesis 19.99GBP 11/29/2007 UK
Night and Day 50.00GBP 8/28/2006 UK
Night and Day 66.22GBP 8/2/2007 UK
Night and Day 56.00GBP 11/9/2007 UK
Noctiluca 113.12GBP 12/16/2006 UK
Noctiluca 63.63GBP 2/14/2007 UK
Oceanius 127.99GBP 2/18/2007 UK
Oceanius 104.55GBP 4/19/2007 UK
Ommiad the Magi 40.00GBP 12/16/2006 UK
Ommiad the Magi 16.00GBP 3/30/2007 UK
Ommiad the Magi 34.00GBP 4/12/2007 UK
On the Road 37.16GBP 10/8/2006 UK
On the Road 5.51GBP 10/18/2006 UK
On the Road 20.00GBP 10/22/2006 UK
On the Road 5.00GBP 11/21/2006 UK
On the Road 62.01GBP 3/3/2007 UK
On the Road 51.00GBP 3/8/2007 UK
On the Road 1.99GBP 6/18/2007 UK
On the Road 34.99GBP 12/13/2007 UK
On the Road 8.00GBP 12/13/2007 UK
Orbis Terrigena 135.73GBP 4/9/2007 UK
Past, Present, and Future 50.00GBP 8/29/2006 UK
Past, Present, and Future 51.01US 10/15/2006 US
Past, Present, and Future 57.00US 11/26/2006 US
Past, Present, and Future 97.66GBP 12/17/2006 UK
Past, Present, and Future 258.00US 1/9/2007 US
Past, Present, and Future 69.00GBP 8/9/2007 Netherlands
Past, Present, and Future (Damaged) 10.00GBP 12/2/2007 UK
Pelryn (signed) 50.00GBP 4/30/2006 UK
Pelryn  22.50US 6/21/2007 US
Pelryn (Damaged) 5.00GBP 8/29/2007 UK
Pelryn 177.50US 11/3/2007 US
Pelryn 50.98US 12/16/2007 US
Pondering the Quest  77.00GBP 11/23/2006 UK
Pondering the Quest  78.00GBP 12/19/2006 UK
Pondering the Quest  200.00US 1/7/2007 US
Pondering the Quest  46.99GBP 2/19/2007 UK
Pondering the Quest  32.00GBP 8/5/2007 UK
Pondering the Quest  110.00GBP 12/2/2007 UK
Puck 18.99GBP 4/9/2007 UK
Puck 18.02GBP 9/9/2007 UK
Repository of Magic 26.56US 9/14/2006 US
Repository of Magic 20.10GBP 11/19/2006 UK
Repository of Magic 158.26US 10/28/2006 Australia
Repository of Magic 34.33GBP 4/8/2007 UK
Repository of Magic 41.00GBP 4/22/2007 UK
Repository of Magic 89.99GBP 10/14/2007 UK
Repository of Magic 66.50US 10/15/2007 US
Repository of Magic 29.99GBP 11/8/2007 UK
Repository of Magic 15.50US 11/12/2007 US
Repository of Magic 38.99US 12/13/2007 US
Rammis 55.55US 10/15/2006 US
Rammis 42.00GBP 7/30/2007 UK
Rammis 52.04GBP 9/3/2007 UK
Rammis 63.11GBP 11/16/2007 UK
Rewyne-Protector of the Lost World 165.00GBP 4/9/2007 UK
Rimbaugh (crystal) 102.00GBP 8/28/2006 UK
Rimbaugh 67.00GBP 9/26/2006 UK
Rimbaugh 26.05GBP 11/1/2006 UK
Rimbaugh 26.55GBP 11/16/2006 UK
Rimbaugh (crystal) 336.75GBP 12/10/2006 UK
Rimbaugh 255.00US 2/27/2007 US
Rimbaugh (Damaged) 4.27GBP 4/22/2007 UK
Rimbaugh (Damaged) 57.98US 11/17/2007 US
Rimbaugh 62.61US 11/19/2007 US
Rimbaugh 45.44GBP 11/30/2007 UK
Rumbler Brooch 10.50GBP 8/27/2007 UK
Scorch 176.50GBP 1/5/2008 UK
Seeking Council 92.01GBP 5/14/2006 UK
Seeking Council (Damaged) 10.50GBP 12/6/2007 UK
Self Taught 62.00GBP 2/19/2007 UK
Self Taught 16.01GBP 9/5/2007 UK
Senzodore 6.25GBP 4/22/2007 UK
Smack Thickwit 159.00US 10/28/2006 US
Smack Thickwit 51.00GBP 4/2/2007 UK
Smack Thickwit (Damaged) 10.50GBP 6/17/2007 UK
Smalaz 10.99GBP 11/30/2006 UK
Smalaz 26.01GBP 11/1/2007 UK
Solaris the Star Seeker 140.50US 11/6/2007 US
Solaris the Star Seeker 46.00GBP 11/26/2007 UK
Solaris the Star Seeker 87.95GBP 1/5/2008 UK
Soothsayer (signed) 115.01GBP 4/30/2006 UK
Soothsayer 80.00GBP 5/17/2006 UK
Soothsayer 41.05GBP 10/5/2006 UK
Soothsayer 63.55US 11/9/2006 US
Soothsayer 310.00GBP 12/10/2006 UK
Soothsayer 102.00GBP 12/28/2006 Netherlands
Spellbinder 43.88GBP 1/28/2007 UK
Spellbinder 24.55GBP 4/5/2007 UK
Spellbinder 13.75GBP 4/22/2007 UK
Stormbringer 90.00US 8/13/2007 US
Stormbringer Beltbuckle 8.99GBP 8/23/2007 UK
Sturm 1.00EUR 11/26/2006 Germany
Sturm 51.00GBP 4/23/2007 UK
Sturm 41.00GBP 8/2/2007 UK
Taihun, Master Of Council 175.00GBP 3/10/2007 UK
Taihun, Master Of Council 258.75US 11/18/2007 US
Taihun, Master Of Council 90.00GBP 11/20/2007 UK
Taihun, Master Of Council 87.74GBP 11/26/2007 UK
Tallonous Wyvernous 46.05GBP 9/11/2007 UK
Thorbauld 60.00GBP 9/26/2006 UK
Thorbauld 57.99US 12/28/2006 US
Thorbauld 85.00GBP 3/7/2007 UK
Thorbauld 36.88GBP 4/12/2007 UK
Thorbauld 67.98US 6/18/2007 US
Thorbauld 121.01GBP 8/28/2007 UK
Thorbauld 51.00US 10/11/2007 US
Thorbauld 63.00US 10/21/2007 US
Thorbauld 41.52GBP 11/1/2007 UK
Thorbauld 77.98US 11/20/2007 US
Thorbauld 92.61US 11/24/2007 US
Thorbauld 56.00GBP 11/30/2007 UK
Thorbauld 75.00GBP 12/21/2007 UK
Thorlief Greybeard (signed) 96.94GBP 4/30/2006 UK
Thorlief Greybeard 51.00US 10/7/2006 US
Thorlief Greybeard 19.99GBP 10/8/2006 UK
Thorlief Greybeard 52.23GBP 10/8/2006 UK
Thorlief Greybeard 152.51US 11/6/2007 US
The Travellers 118.99GBP 2/26/2007 UK
The Travellers 87.00GBP 4/2/2007 UK
The Travellers 79.99GBP 1/5/2008 UK
Treasure of Lost Lands 225.00US 1/15/2007 US
Treasure of Lost Lands 42.00GBP 8/23/2007 UK
Troewe 6.99GBP 9/21/2006 UK
Troewe 55.51GBP 4/19/2007 UK
Trouth 63.99GBP 12/17/2006 UK
Trouth 62.50GBP 1/3/2007 UK
Trouth 40.00GBP 2/9/2007 UK
Trouth 41.55GBP 2/11/2007 UK
Trouth 36.00GBP 4/19/2007 UK
Trouth 31.01GBP 1/17/2008 UK
Truth Teller Pin 10.50GBP 11/8/2007 UK
Twiggle Tanglefoot 88.25GBP 12/16/2006 UK
Twiggle Tanglefoot 100.00GBP 9/3/2006 UK
Twiggle Tanglefoot 88.25GBP 1/4/2007 UK
Twiggle Tanglefoot (Damaged) 47.56GBP 3/27/2007 UK
Twiggle Tanglefoot 79.00GBP 11/14/2007 Netherlands
Twiggle Tanglefoot 59.99GBP 12/17/2007 UK
Twiggle Tanglefoot 101.99GBP 1/5/2008 UK
Twit Coxcombe (Damaged) 52.45US 4/17/2007 US
Twit Coxcombe 32.00GBP 6/19/2007 UK
Ursula 12.50GBP 4/16/2007 UK
Well of Sorrows 59.78GBP 12/17/2006 UK
Well of Sorrows 52.00GBP 1/2/2007 UK
Well of Sorrows 19.02GBP 9/6/2007 UK
Well of Sorrows 43.77GBP 11/8/2007 UK
Widow Maker Brooch 9.99GBP 11/8/2007 UK
Wroth 17.66GBP 11/30/2006 UK
Wroth 12.75GBP 5/1/2006 UK
Wroth 33.99GBP 3/22/2007 UK
Wynd 175.00GBP 12/17/2006 UK
Wynd 69.00GBP 8/9/2007 Netherlands
Wynd 63.16GBP 10/25/2007 UK
Wyvern 37.00GBP 2/15/2007 UK
Wyvern 50.00GBP 3/7/2007 UK
Wyvern (Damage) 1.00GBP 4/22/2007 UK
Zornakk The Elder 156.00GBP 12/16/2006 UK