(Please note that the main part of this profile including the photo is just a copy from a very early catalogue and I hope to do a more up to date version in the near future)

Having Studied Anthropology, Hap developed into a leading exponent of Western Art, gaining permanent places for his work at major exhibitions and museums.

After the rise in popularity of Fantastic Art during the mid 1970's, Hap moved his creativity into this exciting field, where he continued his previous successes.

By 1983 he was working on an Exhibition of Fantastic Art to celebrate 25 years of NASA, the Space Agency.

He lectured across America on the subject of Fantastic Art and has won awards from the National Academy of Fantastic Art in Delaware and the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists.

Prior to his "Wizards, Jesters & Dragons" range he did a few pieces for companies like Rawcliffe Pewter & Phoenix Pewter, and after the "Wizards, Jesters & Dragons" range he did a range of Dragons for The Dragonsite in 2000/2001 but only a handful were ever released and most of them were smaller than the Dragons the collectors loved, so they didn't take off! There are a fair number of larger pieces that Hap made for the Dragonsite too, but for some unknown reason they haven't been released, and one is along the same size scale of "Keeper of the Ruin" and "The Merchant of Dreams" (if not larger). No Wizards were made for Dragonsite though. Only time will tell if they ever make an appearance.