The Draggles



These delightful little creatures live

their secret lives amongst the pebbles

and tidal rock pools of our beaches.


At only a few centimeters long

and well camouflaged in blue-green,

they can be very difficult to find

and if disturbed, can disappear

in the blink of an eye!


However, if you are very patient and

extremely quiet, you may be lucky

enough to discover these elusive

little characters as they snuggle up

to rest on sun-warmed pebbles

on a hot summer's day.


According to legend, good luck

is bestowed upon anyone fortunate

enough to catch a Draggle.


2006 The Lost Soul


These are brand new creations by Carol Lynn Penny there are three slightly different Draggles, all curled up on pebbles, one with both eyes closed, one with one eye open and one with both eyes open. Each pebble would fit in the palm of an average hand: the draggles themselves are only 3 - 4cm

I think that they are great and a return by Carol to the original style we know and love from her with the Draglets/Nesslets and Dragonets, I'm hoping that these sell well enough to convince Carol to sculpt more figures that may even surpass her earlier pieces

Each Draggle is cast separately, then hand-painted and attached firmly to a pebble. Then the whole piece is coated with satin varnish.

There will never be two pieces the same because the pebbles are real Scottish pebbles and each one is carefully selected by Carol & Jock

Eyes Open

One Eye Open
one-eye_01.jpg one-eye_01.jpg

Eyes Closed

The Draggles are available to purchase from this site

scotlandflag.gif Made in Scotland scotlandflag.gif

Cost for each little character is 7.95 each plus shipping
Cost for a set of three is 23.85 including shipping to mainland UK (Cheque or Postal Order Only)
Cost for set of three to the U.S. is 23.85 plus 5.00 Surface mail shipping
* (*8.00 for Airmail) (PayPal only)

To order one (or all of them) Please Email Me Here or Here and I will pass on your details

A request was made by a collector to have all three Draggles placed on one stone, Carol agreed and she made me one too.

 scotlandflag.gif Made in Scotland scotlandflag.gif

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