By Rob Simpson

Battle at Dragonskeep is a special piece by Rob Simpson that was made to order and you could choose what colours you wanted the finished piece to be, so every piece was individual.

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What is the Piece?
This is a large heavily armoured dragon with two armoured soldiers

The Limited Run
The piece was limited to 250 figurines and that is inclusive of the whites. All pieces came complete with a numbered certificate and are all personally signed (not pre-printed signatures) by the Sculptor Rob Simpson plus Andrew Tittensor and Dave Brown the directors of Mouldart (since the closure of Mouldart in April 2007 the production of this piece may continue but details are not fully known at this point.)

The Size
 Height - 25.4cm (10")
Depth (front to back) - 30.5cm (12")
Width - 38.1cm (15")

The price
270.00 (bespoke painted piece)
200.00 (fully assembled unpainted white)
170.00 (kit form)


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