About the companies and ranges

Genesis Creations

Genesis Creations Limited were a small company formed in 1986/87 and were based in Scotland, in the early days the company consisted of a massive employee count of 3! this soon changed as the figures became very popular and the number of employees growing to 42

The main force behind the ranges was artist and sculptor Carol Lynn Penny who was responsible for the Dragonets, Draglets, Nesslets, Gargoyles and some of the Castles along with some other small creatures called the Mins

Unfortunately, due to recession, cash problems and management friction, Genesis became a victim of it's own success and folded in 1991, and all of Carols creations were taken control of by Clarecraft who even though I like their Discworld figures I feel they ruined the Genesis pieces by bringing in new sculptors to continue the range instead of employing Carol to carry on where she left off! and the painters didn't carry on with the high quality colouring that collectors were used to and even took to spraying the wings instead of hand painting and blending them.

Clarecraft then cut down the range to only include the books candles and fruit Dragonets and renamed them as "Home Dragons in even worse colour schemes and eventually they were withdrawn from the Clarecraft catalogue. in October 2005 Clarecraft closed too.

There were five main ranges produced, the Dragonets, small 'life size' small colourful Dragons on books, lemons, bags of nuts etc... which were my favourites. There was a range of Gargoyles which were wonderfully ugly and funny. Then there were the Draglets & Nesslets which were the same as each other except that the Nesslets were green (as in Loch Ness monster) and the Draglets were red versions of the Nesslets and were created to appeal to the Welsh market. Then there was a range of Fantasy Castles which feature Dragonets on some of them and they were sculpted by both Carol Lynn Penny and Alan Harrower and Finally there was the Geomites which were strange little creatures locked in stone.

There was another range that were released by Genesis Creations call the Mins, these were little creatures in shells, Carol loved them but they were short lived


Exodus Designs

Exodus Designs came after the demise (sale to clarecraft) of Genesis Creations, they were made during the winter of 1991/92 as commission work, the request was for simple, cute dragons and unicorns and pegasi (Carols unofficial term for pegasus plural) plus she was asked to make as many as she could but not to give them any names or anything.

They were to be manufactured overseas but I have no idea if this is what happened as it's not mentioned on the pieces or on the boxes.  Carol painted a complete set as sample colours for him to copy and that was the end of her involvement with the pieces.

Carol does admit that they "weren't exactly my best works but they still had that certain cute charm - not a patch on the Genesis stuff though".

You may notice that the pieces have a certain sadness in their eyes especially the bigger pieces like wood & coal etc... and this she puts down to how she was feeling at the time.

Please note that not all the pieces released as Exodus Designs were sculpted by Carol, the person who commisioned Carol, later got someone else to do a few pieces, why he didn't go back to Carol for more is unknown because the later ones were not as good, he also got someone to sculpt some very bizzare castles too


A lot of the text/poems and some of the photos are the Copyright of Carol Lynn Penny and 'The Lost Soul Gallery' and used with kind permission.