The Mins were an early creation from Carol Lynn Penny for Genesis Creations, there were about 9 or 10 of them, they consisted of animals in shells and had names like Dormin (Dormouse) & Elemin (Elephant) odd little creatures but Carol loved them. They sold slowly and steadily but they never took off in a big way and were short lived so are hard to come by, but they do appear every so often. Seemingly, according to feedback from the reps, people loved the little characters but it was the thought of the snail shell that put them off! The shells were painted so beautifully that people actually thought they were real! There seems to be two versions of each piece, I have seen the figures on their own and then the same figure attatched to a base.

They're not at the top of my list of pieces to get but if I come across them I will buy them and I would like to own a full set eventually but I don't actively look for them because it's the Dragons I have always gone for but I've included them here because they are a little rarity that not many people know about and I used to occasionally get asked why I'd not included them, so here they are (sort of).

The pieces that I actually know about are:

Dormin (Dormouse)
Elemin (Elephant)
Walmin (Walrus)
Pandmin (Panda)
Tormin (Tortoise)
Bearmin (Bear, name guessed at)
Haremin (Hare or Rabbit, name guessed at)

The photo below was supplied to me by Carol Lynn Penny & shows Dormin, Elemin, Walmin & Pandmin

- - - - - - - - - - - -

This is 'Dormin' on it's own without a base

And this is 'Dormin' yet again but this time attached to a base


This is 'Walmin' on a base


This piece I have no name for as it wasn't in the list that Carol gave me but as it's a rabbit or hare I guess it's called either 'Rabmin' or I suspect more likely 'Haremin'


This is 'Tormin' on a base that was on ebay (second photo taken by collector Matthew Nowell)


And finally this shows another piece that I don't know the name of but I'm guessing it to be 'Bearmin' - photo taken by Matthew Nowell who owns the piece and the copyright of the photo