This section of the website should be started soon, it is a big project so it will be a while before anything good appears but I will do my best to get it running as soon as possible.

13th of September 2006
Just a quick teaser for you so you can see how the pages will look with photos of the piece called "Favourite Book" this is just so you know that I am working on the section :)

12th of September 2006
Now that Holidays are out of the way I can start to get on with things in here, I came to a stop with the catalogue but I need to make a few changes so I'll do that while I'm putting everything else together!
You'll also be pleased to know that I'll be taking the first batch of photos for the section when I visit Shirley on the 14th of this month.

6th of August 2006
At the moment I'm still in the research stage but I'm now putting together a simple catalogue of pieces for my own reference so that I can have a plan to work from, it's all cross referencing at the moment which is really boring (not to mention frustrating) but it's coming along nicely thanks to the initial help of Amy, Diane & Alison, plus lots of club magazines I acquired many years ago that I have dusted down.
The main thing that is causing me lots of cursing is the list of original prices for both the UK & the US and the production numbers of the early pieces but it's all coming together... and then there is the list of sizes in cm's & inches! oh the fun of it all!
I suppose I could get someone else to get all this info together for me but I want to do it myself so that I can get more knowledgeable about the range and also I'll know that I've done it all myself without the help of other websites
Photos of all the pieces has been arranged with collector Shirley Blackham who lives close to me and I hope to visit her in the next few weeks to start to get a collection of photos ready, it will take more than one visit I suppose but it will be worth it in the end.


Please keep checking here for progress reports