To follow on from the very limited (and popular) run of the TSL pieces 'Totem' & 'Scribe'
Rob Simpson sculpted the third TSL Exclusive piece, this time a Dragon guarding the precious books in an abandoned ruined library.




Rob Simpson


21cm (8.25") (H) x 10cm (4") (W) x 9cm (3.5") (D)


March 26th 2010


July 31st 2010


Open Edition (Four months run)
Clear Resin Limited to 5 Pieces only




50.00 - 69.95 - 85.00 (depending on finish)


This piece followed on from the second TSL piece by Rob Simpson, only this time the piece is larger,  it cames with a hand signed certificate which is signed by both Rob Simpson the sculptor and John Webster the designer of the piece and creator & owner of the Sorcerers Library web site. The piece was also be signed on the underside by both Rob Simpson & painter Tina Sherratt (unpainted whites just by Rob)

Full pricing was:

50.00 including shipping worldwide for an unpainted white
69.95 including shipping worldwide for a fully painted figure. (Tina charged an extra 5.00 for any detail work she thought as extra special detail work as this takes much longer to do)
65.00 including shipping worldwide for a clear resin piece - (The clear resin piece was a  limited edition of just five pieces worldwide (not including the one owned by me))

For photos of the wax click here

To see different colour schemes owned by collectors click here

Below is the original artwork with notes for Archive by John Webster
Rob asked/told me that I would be doing the design for Archive and that I had to supply the drawing, I hadn't really drawn anything for years and I think you can tell from the picture below, but other than Rob getting carried away and making the wings miles better (I was keeping it small for ease of moulding) he got in everything I wanted

Please note that this piece, sculpted by Enchantica sculptor/designer and Dragonlore creator Rob Simpson was only available to purchase direct from this site

ukflag.gif produced entirely in the U.K. ukflag.gif

It was sold as a blank unpainted white which could be painted by yourself or if you prefer, at extra cost you could have had it painted in the colour of your choice by professional proof artistTina Sherratt, or you could even leave it white.

The picture on the right, below has one of the books titled 'How to sculpt scales' this is an "in-joke" by Rob for regular members of the Sorcerers Library Forum

This is a rather nice extra touch, the base is actually embossed with the Sorcerers Library logo, this is not a sticker

Here is a clear resin piece (limited to just 5 pieces not including this first casting)

The painted version shown below was painted by Tina Sherratt and is the official colours of the piece for the website.

(See more pictures of this painted piece here)


The Certificate
The piece came with a full colour double sided laminated card certificate
(the certificate is hand signed by John Webster & Rob Simpson)
Front                                     Back

The 5 limited edition clear pieces came with a slightly different certificate
Front                                     Back


For photos of the wax click here
To see the original wax sculpture - Click Here

To see different colour schemes owned by collectors click here


Shown below with the first & second TSL pieces 'Totem' & 'Scribe'