(Archives 2001)
Full archive of updates from 2001

September 24th 2001

Main Enchantica part of site up and running (work still needed)

September 25th 2001

Site open / Beakers and coasters added (with links on catalogue pages)

September 27th 2001

(Bigish Update)

Updated pages for Full Catalogue and other catalogue pages due to new contact email address in the 'Contact Me' part of site sorry about that :o/

Info added for number of 'Vrorst mirrors' produced (200), sculptor of the one off 'Sea Dragon' (Joseph Bailey), sculptor of the Enchy egg & namestones (John J. Woodward), Number of bronze season dragons produced (about 300 of each), number of mini castle stands for bronzes (no more than 50)

Information added to EN2029 & EN2030 (Summer & Autumn Fairy's) pages about the wings.

Mistake changed for sculptor of EN2113 Cameo & Fridge Magnets (Andrew Hull not Andrew Bill)

New link added on Link page for Dave Pooles site

New pictures added to EN2213 Tall Oil Burner plus a little information


September 28th 2001

small but fun Terragor animation added (by Dave Poole)

Enchantica Stickers page added with links on full catalogue & mugs, T-shirts etc... pages (I mislaid the files for these that's why it's late)

Shop Display Items page added - only four items listed, two with pictures, more pics to follow

Missing link for EN2152 (never released tape set) added to full catalogue

September 29th 2001

Posters page added and T-Shirts & Polo shirts page added (one shirt to add soon) and EN2098 T-Shirt pictures added

Price of 'Guardian of the Orb' print added

September 30th 2001

Small Candle holder page added (not complete - waiting for better pictures)

October 7th 2001

verbuMMagus section up and running - Work still needed to index & full catalogue pages

October 8th 2001

Enchantica Thimbles page added

November 9th 2001

I know I've not updated for a month but I decided to have a break from web building, but don't worry as I will start again from Monday and I will concentrate on the Dragonbones section with odd updates to the other sections too so expect the next update to be in about a week :)

November 13th 2001

(Enchantica Section) - Pictures added of Jabel and Ambush painted for me by Caroline Briggs

November 14th 2001

(Verbum section) - Secrets page slightly updated & Pictures added of an unpainted Incantation

(Enchantica section) - Early mock up covers for the 3rd Novel showing a different title and a different un-used (thankfully) Dragongorge logo

November 16th 2001

(Enchantica section) - Andrew Bills rare original artwork for a proposed but never released Chess set added

Andrew Bills original artwork designs for the artwork in Novel 2 (The Well of Hope) with side notes added (these are the drawings Andrew did to give to the books illustrators so they had an idea of what he wanted) - (Updated twice - now with comparison pictures of sketches and finished art)

Andrew Bills original artwork designs for EN2265 Orolan added

Pictures added of Custodian painted for fellow collector Kent Caldwell by Caroline Briggs

November 17th 2001

(Enchantica section) - Andrew Bills original artwork for EN2054 Sorren and Gart, EN2106 Sea Dragon, EN2107 White Dragon EN2108 Jonquils Flight, EN2150 Grogoda and EN2172 Ocean Dragon added

November 19th 2001

(Enchantica section) - Pictures added of Jabel painted for fellow collector Christine Clark by Caroline Briggs

Profile of James Brierley slightly updated (he's getting married on the 1st of December

November 20th 2001

(Enchantica section) - Framed prints added at last EN2301 Wargren & Snowthorn, EN2302 Underwater Adventure and EN2303 Grawlfang

VERY RARE - Small candle holder, better pictures added and even RARER - Medium candle holder page added - Kindly sent in by collectors Dayle & Tracey Mitchell

All links on full catalogue and all other affected pages updated for above stuff - let me know if you find a broken link

November 22nd 2001

(Enchantica section) - Andrew Bills original artwork for EN2091 Mezereon, EN2097 Dromeliad, EN2109 Ice Dragon & EN2151 Zadragul added

November 23nd 2001

(Enchantica section) - Small candle holder and Medium candle holder page's updated with extra picture's

EN2114 Daggerback - Artist proof from 1996 Extravaganza auction, pictures added

EN2140 Zykrll new page added with pictures of this PYO painted by Caroline Briggs and two by collector Christine Clark

EN2141 Spectyr - new pictures added of this PYO painted by collector Christine Clark (two versions)

November 24th 2001

(Enchantica section) - EN2119 Sheylags Trophy - Artist proof from 1997 Extravaganza auction, pictures added

EN2203 Chuckles - Artist Proof added (with very interesting sticker on the base)

EN2110 Escape, EN2121 Changeling, EN2132 Xenith & EN2147 Rakennal - New pictures added of all these as PYO's painted by collector Christine Clark

EN2032 Ogrod - Three more Pictures added of this piece as a 'white' PYO piece

EN2149 Alkaan, EN2304 Mebtalos EN2353 Meadowlarne, EN2354 Rattajack, EN2355 Jonquil & EN2356 Jonquils Trio - Temporary pictures (with thumbnails on catalogue pages) added

November 29th 2001


December 1st 2001

(Verbum section) - Onslaught page added with temporary pictures and including Andrew Bills Original Artwork for the piece, Picture added to Secrets page and Full Catalogue updated

December 2nd 2001

(Enchantica section) - pictures of Destroyer in clear resin added (1996 Extrav auction piece)

Shop Display section updated with Dragongorge card & club leaflet display stand

Baseball cap page added

December 6th 2001

(Enchantica section) - EN2101 Snappa on Mushroom page ammended - Sculpted by Andrew Hull not Bill Oooooopppps!!!! :) - it even says 'Hull' on my original lists but for some reason I put 'Bill' - Sorry about that :/

December 7th 2001

(Enchantica section) - New section - Auction lists section added with a few pictures.

December 9th 2001

(Enchantica section) - EN2350 Tzabazeus 2001 auction piece (Lot No. 14) picture added to Auction lists pages

December 11th 2001

(Enchantica section) - EN2195 Kaamil 1997 auction piece (Lot No. 53) picture & price added to Auction lists pages

New section - Original artwork section added with Art by Andrew Bill and Rob Simpson - most of this stuff is on the piece pages but I decided to dedicate a whole section to the art to make it easier to find and search through - New pictures are also included in this section like Andrews art for unreleased stuff (Wizards, a Witch, Gracklin, and best of all a promo Dragon and Lyretail a Mermaid Princess) plus Robs art for Glimmerscale, Juvula, Bogra & Throstle

December 12th 2001

(Enchantica section) - EN2350 Tzabazeus Pictures added (Other photos of 2001 release pieces to be added through the rest of the week)

December 14th 2001

(Enchantica section) - EN2352 Waxifrade, EN2358 Hexerene & EN2359 Juvula pictures added

EN2189 Bruntian - Pictures added of this piece painted in summer colours, owned by collector Liv Rainey

December 15th 2001

(Enchantica section) - EN2149 Alkaan - temporary pictures removed and new ones added.

EN2351 Snarlgard, EN2357 Glimmerscale (2 pages) & EN2360 Vrorst pictures added

December 16th 2001

(Enchantica section) - EN2153 Meadowlarne, EN2354 Rattajack, EN2355 Jonquil & EN2356 Jonquils Trio - temporary pictures removed and new ones added.

December 23rd 2001

 AOL Fix to view this and other sites pages without AOL's annoying compression of pictures and graphics


December 26th 2001

(Verbum section) - Secrets and Onslaught pages updated with proper pictures with many close-ups - (Two pages for each piece)

December 27th 2001

(Enchantica section) - Pages for new 2002 pieces added (no pictures but some art & other information added.

(EN2308 Bloodhorn, EN2310 Javerell, EN2311 Khulii, EN2362 Gracewing (inc. rant about colour), EN2363 Bogra (inc. drawing), EN2364 Gremba, EN2365 Throstle (inc. drawing) & EN2366 Summoning of Ethra'Kall (inc. drawing))

All above added to various catalogue sections

EN2366 Summoning of Ethra'Kall Art by Rob Simpson added to Artwork pages

December 28th 2001

(Enchantica section) - New pictures added to EN2019 Grawlfang page of a special one off colour scheme owned by Dragons and more

Extra info about EN2124 Candleholder added with 2 more pictures on page two - (there was a limited run of 165 sepia candleholders only available in America)

December 29th 2001

(Enchantica section) - New Rarities Section added - this includes stuff that is on other pages but I've added it to make the rare stuff easier to find.

New picture added to EN2239 Ice Demon page with official photo of this piece with the arrows in the shield and a white resin spear


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