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Full archive of updates from 2002

January 1st 2002


No update to the pages in general but I've slightly updated the Links page to include a couple of extra sites, DarwinianTheory Cartooning & UberGoth - They may have nothing to do with Dragons but they belong to a good friend who's just about to turn Professional as an illustrator & cartoonist so I wanted to plug his sites - cos I can :o)

January 6th 2002

(Enchantica section) -Small update today, front page of Newsletter section added, I will be adding information about the contents of each one soon - when I work out the best way to do it :o/

January 11th 2002

(Enchantica section) - Prices for 2002 releases added

January 17th 2002

I may be off line for a while due to an illness in the family so no more updates for a bit, sorry about this but family come first

April 25th 2002

After a long time away I am going to start updates again

I'm going to start by modifying all the pages to work better with a screen resolution of 1024x768 instead of the current 800x600 but this will take a long time so I will do it while working on other sections of the site

May 15th 2002

(Verbum section) - 2002 auction piece page added with Secrets paint trial and 3 Dragonsite Talisman pieces

May 18th 2002

(Enchantica section) - Original artwork page heavily updated - new pics added to EN2108 Jonquils Flight, EN2119 Sheylags Trophy, EN2150 Grogoda, EN2172 Ocean Dragon, Carrier Dragons

New Pages added - EN2000 Rattajack - Please, EN2004 Dragons Footprint, EN2005 Safe, EN2055 Friends, EN2056 Rattajack & Snappa, EN2059 Olm & Sylphen, EN2060 Fantazar & Yim, EN2062 Wargren & Snowthorn, EN2063 Throne Citadel, EN2066 Snowdragon,EN2110 Escape, EN2111 Verratus, EN2112 Mimmer, EN2171 Vladdigor & EN2175 Jaggerang

Other Rarities and Oddments -

May 22nd 2002

(Enchantica section) - EN2051 Book 2 - The Well of Hope - More Artwork added of Andrews concept for Fantazar and Yim (when it was Orolan & Yim)

May 31st 2002

(Verbum section) - 2002 auction piece page updated with all the auction pieces and prices

June 2nd 2002

(Verbum section) - Unfinished page for Portal added (pictures to be replaced later)

June 3rd 2002

(Verbum section) - 2nd Portal page added with photo's of a white piece in 3 separate parts

June 4th 2002

(Dragonsite section) - New section added for Dragonsite pieces, Only a small section which includes Julie Bells 'Vansal' and the Andrew Bill Designed 'Talisman' but it will grow as more pieces are released.

June 5th 2002

(Enchantica section) -

****Sea Serpent - Unreleased piece - photo's of the original Master****

EN2004 Dragons Footprint - Photos of a Master for this piece

Andrew Bill's Profile page updated to include latest Verbum & Dragonsite stuff

EN2019 Grawlfang - 3 photos of artists paint pattern piece.

EN2124 Candle holder - 3 photos of a candle holder painted in bronze colours (page 2)

EN2129 Zemorga - 2 photos of Zemorga painted with yellow underwings

June 6th 2002

(Enchantica section) - unreleased Small Oil burner page added

EN2216 Shyira - 2nd page added with pictures of this piece painted by Caroline Briggs

June 7th 2002

(Enchantica section) - Artwork of Wolfarlis by John J. Woodward added

June 26th 2002

(Enchantica section) - Two pictures of EN2226 Bethor as seen at a promo show in 1997, painted much better than the production piece

Two pictures of a one off display card for the first ever showing of EN2130 The Adventure Begins (link takes you to page two for EN2130)

--------- All above photo's Kindly sent in by fellow Collector Clinton Lambert ---------

Pictures added of Shop Hanging Mobile Display to shop display page

June 28th 2002

(Enchantica section) - New Pictures added of castle base for the Bronze Miniatures

June 29th 2002

(Enchantica section) - Photos of part of the master for EN2138 The Jewel Thief added

July 3rd 2002

(Enchantica section) - Discovered owner of a couple of 2001 Auction pieces - Mark Coppage owns - the white Wings of War and blue Tzabazeus

July 14th 2002

(Enchantica section) - Discovered owner of a couple of 2001 Auction pieces - Mark Coppage owns - the white 'Wings of War' and blue 'Tzabazeus'

Better picture added/replaced of EN2203 Snowhopper - Chuckles named as 'Laughing'



This is an opportunity to buy a painted 'Vendetta piece that was produced for QVC but they were never sold - To see Pictures and information Click Here

August 17th 2002

Sorry for no update for a while but I've been busy looking after my Dad but I hope to be back very very soon.

I've just added a link to WOW-TEK on my links page - nothing to do with Dragons but I just wanted to put the link up for a new site as they have kindly put a link to here for me

October 7th 2002

OK I'm Back, I've lost a lot of interest lately and I may not be buying any more 'NEW' Enchantica but I will keep this site going. Dont worry though I will make more updates than I have done for a while.

'This Update is dedicated to Krissy Donati'

(Enchantica section) - New photo's of EN2216 Shyira and EN2127 Custodian painted by Caroline Briggs owned by Adrian Donati

(Dragonsite section) - New photo's of the 2002 auction Vansal painted by Chris Hughes and owned by Adrian Donati

October 16th 2002

(Enchantica section) - Pictures of the painted QVC Vendetta piece added (sorry for the delay in posting these)

December 2nd 2002

(Verbum section) - Temporary pages added for Sunburst (with original artwork by A.Bill), Moonstruck (with original artwork by A.Bill and 2 photo's of wax master), Starlight

December 8th 2002

(John J. Woodward Section) - New section added to the site - this section is about John J. Woodwards fantasy sculptures and designs after he left HSC, all of which are his works for Danbury mint, it's not finished yet but it's nearly there, I need to take some pictures of the Lord of the Rings figures designed by John for Danbury and then I'll be happier.

This is the first major new section to the site for a long time and it's got me in the mood for more so I may get the rough workings of the Fables & Faeries sections started now (at long last)

December 9th 2002

(Enchantica section) - Photos of the Master Pattern for EN2234 Trea added and Photos also added of EN2123 Leviathan Lot No. 28* from the 1997 Auction

*Not 100% certain if this is Lot No 28 as it could also be 29 or 30

Both pieces are owned by fellow collectors Matt and Louise Hawkins

December 11th 2002

(Verbum section) - Better Pictures of the U.S. tour versions of Sunburst, Moonstruck and Starlight added to the pages

December 13th 2002

(Faeries section) - New Section - Basic page done for this section with full catalogue and a very brief history, no pictures as yet but at least the section is up and running in a fashion :o) I may use official catalogue photos as a temporary measure shortly.

Right then it looks like I should make a start on the Fables Section now doesn't it ;o)

December 15th 2002

None Dragon update - Links page updated slightly - Trev & Angs site description ammended due to it shrinking and and new link to the 'Friends of Windmill Hill Windmill' added

December 18th 2002

(Faeries section) - slight update - I missed out the 4 collect it! Limited Edition Pieces so I've added them to the list


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