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Full archive of updates from 2003

January 14th 2003

(Enchantica section) - Pictures added of EN2350 Tzabazeus painted by Caroline Briggs for fellow collector Kent Caldwell - this is a very nice paint job indeed.

(work is underway to get the Fables section up and running soon.)

I'm in the process of getting myself a new digital camera (hopefully this weekend) so I'm holding off a few planned updates until then so please bear with me)

January 16th 2003

(Verbum section) - New coming soon section added with pictures of Thief, Renaissance, Air and the Librarians Assistant

January 18th 2003

(Enchantica section) - 2 more Pictures added of EN2350 Tzabazeus painted by Caroline Briggs for fellow collector Kent Caldwell

January 22nd 2003

(Enchantica section) - Pictures added of EN2186 Quest and EN2174 Dragonbrood painted by Caroline Briggs for fellow collector Adrian Donati

January 23rd 2003

(Enchantica section) - Special for sale page of a very special Massazauga & Xedrethor


January 25th 2003

Special technical page for anyone interested in the boring technical stuff, it's up to you if you want to look but there are no dragons to be seen :o)

January 26th 2003

(Enchantica section) - for sale page updated Xedrethor now SOLD Just Massazauga left


January 27th 2003

(Enchantica section) - 'for sale' page removed as the Massazauga has now also been sold.

Pictures added of EN2350 Tzabazeus painted by Caroline Briggs at the 2000 Extravaganza - this is a very nice paint job indeed. - (There is a possibility that Wooks will sell this piece for the right price so make him an offer he can't refuse :o))

February 3rd 2003

(Verbum section) - pages updated for Sunburst, Moonstruck and Starlight - with prices and other information.

February 5th 2003

(Enchantica section) - New photos added to the small candle holder page (I now own one of these so I was able to take better pictures)

February 13th 2003

Special Update

(Verbum section) - 2 New Page's added for a special very limited production run of the Librarians Assistant, pictures of the piece fully painted at the 2002 show and page 2 has pictures of the piece as a white. (photos will be added of the final piece on either the 21st or 22nd of February)

February 19th 2003

And now for something completely different!! - Just to lighten things up a bit I've added a humour section with the artistic talents of a good friend of mine, go check it out and then visit his site you may see something you like :o)


February 20th 2003

(Enchantica section) - Photos of Geoff & Maggie Light's Ogrod and The Nalzarg as painted by Caroline Briggs added at the bottom of the respective pages

February 22nd 2003

Largish Update

(Verbum section) - Pictures added of the special limited production run of the Librarians Assistant. These are photo's of the final piece and not the show piece - (the Show piece is now on page 2 and the White is now on page 3

Photos of the Librarians Assistant 'Master' and Moulds have also been added to Page 2


'More Comments' added to Sunburst, Moonstruck and Starlight pages plus 2nd page added for each piece with pictures of all the pieces as unpainted 'whites' plus pictures of all the pieces in unpainted translucent resin - Orange Sunburst, Blue Moonstruck and Violet Starlight


Portal Pictures finally updated - pictures of the production piece now replace the artist proof piece pictures (a few photo's of the artist proof remain for comparison)



I have renamed some files so any bookmarks you may have will now have changed please re-add those pages to your favourites.

This has been done to get rid of the '20%' Error I was getting when linking to this site from chat pages etc...

Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause

February 25th 2003

For those people like me who like 'Whites' of pieces then I will be doing a few updates over the next few days with various pieces as unpainted whites, I meant to add these last year but time got the better of me.

(Enchantica section) - Photo's of three pieces in white - EN2099 Enchantica Logo, EN2020 Old Yargle, EN2021 Chuckwalla - More Enchantica 'whites' tomorrow

(Verbum section) - Photo of a 'White' of 'Incantation' added to Page 2 of Incantation - the production piece was made in a clear resin, this was a trial casting in white resin

February 26th 2003

(Enchantica section) - Rattajack 'Whites' Day - pictures of whites added for - EN2001 My Ball, EN2002 Terragon Dreams, EN2037 Bowled Over, EN2087 Lazybones & EN2088 Soft Landing

February 27th 2003

(Enchantica section) - Wizard & Witch 'Whites' Day - pictures of whites added for - EN2025 Orolan, EN2027 Tuatara, EN2045 Quillion, EN2067 Vrorst, EN2069 Fantazar, EN2071 Orolan, EN2073 Waxifrade & EN2091 Mezereon

February 28th 2003

(Enchantica section) - Snappa 'Whites' Day - pictures of whites added for - EN2006 Hatches Out, EN2010 Plays Ball, EN2035 Splash, EN2047 Tumbles, EN2081 Rollaball, EN2083 With Enchantica Rose, EN2084 If The Cap Fits & EN2101 On Mushroom

The 'white' for EN2084 If The Cap Fits is a very interesting one as it shows how much work is needed to even a small piece before it goes to the painters, well worth checking out even if you're not interested in the 'Snappa' figures

March 1st 2003

(Enchantica section) - Dragon 'Whites' Day - pictures of whites added for - EN2017 Gorgoyle, EN2046 Grawlfang, EN2072 Arangast, EN2095 Necranon, EN2151 Zadragul, EN2201 Charlock & EN2236 Sandarach

March 2nd 2003

(Enchantica section) - Spirit of the Crystals 'Whites' Day - pictures of whites added for - EN2075 Snowstar, EN2076 Treeflame, EN2077 Sunfire & EN2078 Bloodstar

This is the last of the 'Whites' updates, more may follow but that's it for now

March 3rd 2003

(Enchantica section) - photo's added of an artist proof of EN2125 Silverflame painted in acryllic to look like Bronze

Photo's added of a Vacuum sealed EN2085 Snappa - What Ball

March 4th 2003

(Enchantica section) - Better painted versions of the 'Fridge Magnets' added - these are very nice indeed, they are painted exactly like each of the Season Dragons and not just one plain colour.

New page added with photos of collectors club propelling pencil

Photo of Button Badge that was available at the 1st Extravaganza added to Badges page

March 29th 2003

OK I know things have been quiet on here after a mad rush of updates but I have big plans for two new sections in Mid April so it may be quiet for a little bit longer, please be patient, it will be worth it I promise.

April 4th 2003

(Enchantica section) - Unexpected update this but I now have photo's of the latest releases that I've been told should be on their way to the shops now!

EN2282 Sallonj, EN2283 Amolousym, EN2314 Asgenars Hoard, EN2315 Silfaladil, EN2316 Craagnagar, EN2317 Skuldrax, EN2318 Zorostra & EN2369 Gryshloc

April 15th 2003

(Verbum section) - Pages updated for Sunburst, Moonstruck and Starlight, I have added photos of the production pieces for all 3 pieces so you can now compare the differences with the U.S. tour & production pieces.

That means that there is 3 pages per piece, one with the production piece, one with the tour piece and one with the white and translucent resin pieces

April 21st 2003

One new section is coming in the next few days (i'm just waiting for a few finishing details) so as a stop gap heres a mini update

(Enchantica section) - EN2048 Bledderag - photos of a master for this piece added

April 25th 2003

(Fables Section) - Yes you read that right, at long last the Fables section is up and running, there are still a few gaps (mainly release and retirement dates) but it is as near as I can get it for now - if anyone can help fill anymore gaps please let me know

I would like to thank fellow collectors Jo & Del Nutting for allowing me to visit them and take photos of their collection and for their help to fill in any gaps I had with information in this new section, CLICK HERE TO VIEW

I've also updated Andrew Hull's profile with a picture of a selection of his Natures Sports figures that he did for HSC

(The main opening page has been slightly updated too, I've put links to all the non-Andrew Bill sections in a second book instead of separate just like the Enchantica and verbuM Magus links)

April 28th 2003

(Faeries Section) - Who would have believed it? only 3 days after the Fables section is complete, I work like a loony and complete the Faeries section too!! I was planning to get this section done for next weekend but I got a bit carried away so it's ready for your viewing pleasure now.

Again I would like to thank fellow collectors Jo & Del Nutting for allowing me to visit them and take photos of their collection and for their help to fill in any gaps I had with information in this new section, CLICK HERE TO VIEW

That's it all the major sections are finally up, all I have to do now is maintain and keep the rest of this site up to date

April 30th 2003


(Enchantica section) - Cid Perez, a collector in the U.S. has a selection of very special artists proofs of a few pieces that he wishes to sell.

Go to my special for sale page to view the pieces, for serious collectors!!

if you are interested please contact Cid direct at

May 1st 2003

(Enchantica section) - photo's of a 'White' of EN2059 Olm & Sylphen and EN2094 Anaxorg added

May 2nd 2003

(Enchantica section) - Rob Simpsons artwork for EN2115 Cloudbreaker and EN2146 Agurutha added to both the individual piece pages and the Art Pages

(Verbum section) - Photos of unfinished wax master of The Librarians assistant added to page 2 for this piece (this photo is the same as the one on the Dragonsite and is used with kind permission)

May 3rd 2003

(Enchantica section) - Photos of yet more different coloured fridge magnets added

May 4th 2003

(Enchantica section) - New 2nd page added to EN2266 Arangast with pictures of this piece painted in two different colours on artist tours, one owned by Jo & Del Nutting and one by Cid Perez (the one on the for sale page)

May 7th 2003

In a bid to catch up with the Enchantica pieces that I'm missing from last year due to family problems I'm slowly going to start buying the pieces and add photo's over time, this small update is the start of that process, more will follow over the next couple of weeks.

I'm also working on improving one of the Enchantica sections that I've never been happy with, I feel that the section doesn't have enough detailed information and believe me it will be 100% better - which section? well you will have to wait and see :o)

(Enchantica section) - Photos added of EN2280 Phantom and EN2281 Nightfire

May 9th 2003

(Enchantica section) - Photos added of EN2362 Gracewing and EN2366 The Summoning of Ethra'Kall

May 10th 2003

(Enchantica section) - I decided to add a lot of the pictures in one lump instead of spreading them over time so here you have:-

EN2308 Bloodhorn - I've had this page ready for ages but I forgot to add it :o/

EN2313 Saalemnok - complete with pictures of that awful pattern on the back of the wings

EN2364 Gremba - with information about the 2 swords, also 2nd page added to include photo's of a 'White' of Gremba

EN2367 Adventurers - with photos of the production piece and a 'White'

EN2372 Karreg - with photos of the production piece, original artwork and a 'White' (Original art added to art pages too)

EN2374 Erangryn - with photos of the production piece and a 'White'


EN2317 Skuldrax - Book location details added

May 11th 2003

I have moved this update page section onto this main page and the old update page will just be used as an archive for all site updates since September 2001 (when the site opened)

May 12th 2003

(Enchantica section) - I forgot to add details of the character names for a couple of pieces:

EN2366 Summoning of Ethra'Kall - (ETHRA'KALL (Dragon), TOLKENAR (Wizard))
EN2367 Adventurers - (DANSKAMERE (Wizard) TRYSKAAL (Dragon))

May 13th 2003

(Enchantica section) - Here's a treat for all those people who have never seen the Enchantica Collectors Club Newsletters, I have been given permission by Ian Johnson and the legal department at Royal Doulton to put all the 32 Newsletters on this site in Adobe Acrobat pdf format. Go to the Newsletters Page and click on any of the pictures to view any of the newsletters in full.

I've been wanting to get this section running ever since I started this site in 2001 but I could never get a reply from RD on the legal side of things, but since Ian Johnson took control of the resin side of RD things have improved. It's took a long time to complete the scanning of every issue but I think it's worth it, I hope you do too

There are still a few things I want to do to this section like a brief index about whats in each newsletter but I will leave it as it is for now.

If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader click the picture to download a free copy of it


EN2366 Summoning of Ethra'Kall - I've corrected the height of this piece, for some reason the official site and the 32nd Newsletter state that it is 35cm but it's actually just short of 24cm - that will teach me to measure the new stuff intead of taking official info as correct! (thanks to Adrian Donati for noticing that 35cm was wrong)

May 15th 2003

Other Ranges - I've decided to add this new section that I will add to over time but I won't be doing full catalogues of any of the ranges, I will just post pictures of a few selected pieces from various other fantasy ranges that have nothing to do with Enchantica or Andrew Bill, don't expect regular updates to this section but I just wanted to add a Dragon Table that I have just bought for now.

Links Page updated, 'Franklin Mint' removed as I no longer want to promote a company with no customer relations what-so-ever and I've added 'Collectables Ltd', they are a great UK based Enchantica stockist

May 16th 2003

(Enchantica section) - Photos added of EN2365 Throstle

May 23rd 2003

Genesis Creation Ltd - Yes, I said that the new 'other ranges' sections wouldn't have full catalogues but I decided that just one section would be pretty large, I've added a section dedicated to Carol Lynn Pennys' Genesis ranges which includes the Dragonets, Draglets & Nesslets, Gargoyles, Castles and Geomites. These were the first fantasy figures I ever collected are they are to blame for my whole dragon obsession. I think that the large Bookends from the Dragonets range are the finest fantasy bookends ever created (that's my personal opinion you understand).

Link also added to Links Page for Carol Lynn Pennys' website with her new work 'Mohawk Masters'

June 2nd 2003

(Enchantica section) - Some of the silver Jewellery by Kingfisher Galleries added, the rest will be added in a couple of weeks.

If you want to buy some of these pieces I have put up a jewellery for sale page in the new For Sale pages section where you can buy them. buy now while they are at this price as this could be your last chance before they become really expensive

I have decided to have a permanent For Sale Section but this will only be for very special pieces, if you want to sell anything out of the ordinary like special paint trial pieces or very rare pieces then this will be the place to advertise it (or buy it ;o)) it is not for people just selling the odd standard piece or their collections

June 8th 2003

(Enchantica section) - For Sale Section updated slightly, photos of the Dragon & Wizard Pendants changed for ones taken by the seller also the Snowthorn Brooch is now SOLD OUT but he does have another Non-Enchantica brooch by the same people and in the same style as Snowthorn (only better)

June 9th 2003

Genesis Creation Ltd - Photos added of the collectors club piece and three Fantasy Castles - Fortress Odhar, Bennean Hold & Crom Castille

June 12th 2003

(Genesis Creation Ltd Section) - new page added to For Sale page with a selection of Genesis pieces

June 13th 2003

(Genesis Creation Ltd Section) - slight update to For Sale page which was added yesterday, four more figures added (Dragonets - Orange, Lemon & Mirror and Fantasy Castle - Etherial Heights)

July 4th 2003

(Enchantica section) - New Release pieces added - EN2319 Garnet, EN2320 Amethyst, EN2321 Aqua Marine, EN2322 Diamond, EN2323 Emerald, EN2324 Pearl, EN2375 Aphelion, EN2376 Shannarah (text only), EN2378 Guardians Name Stone, EN2379 Rhazgor (text only), EN2380 Karaxus, EN2381 Fire Elemental (Art & Text only) & EN2382 Air Elemental

(Genesis Creation Ltd Section) - slight update to For Sale page, four figures removed after being sold (Dragonets - Orange, Lemon & Mirror and Fantasy Castle - Etherial Heights)

July 6th 2003

(Enchantica section) - Photos added of EN2370 Dragons Flight (there are 2 pages for this piece as there are a lot of photos to view of the piece together and in it's separate parts)

Original prices for EN2016 Fantazar, EN2017 Gorgoyle, EN2018 Vrorst & EN2019 Grawlfang added instead of the estimates I had. Thanks to fellow collector Michaela for this information

July 8th 2003

(Enchantica section) - Just a minor update, I have just added a little note explaining the last picture on the Karaxus page

July 10th 2003

(Enchantica section) - Photos added of the stunning EN2376 Shannarah along with a full size picture that can be used as a wallpaper if you want.

July 28th 2003

Important Notice

I have a lot of things going of in my life right now and I'm changing a lot of things, I'm not having much to do with anything Dragon related at the moment hence the lack of updates, I have loads of stuff queued up ready for updates but I've not been in the mood, so please bear with me while I concentrate on getting my life the way I want it at last!

Please be aware that this may be the end of this site as I'm moving on with my life and as this site takes a considerable amount of my time to maintain, it could well be a casualty in my changing life.

Itís been fun doing it and Iíve enjoyed the response the site has received but there comes a time when you have to move on and leave things behind.

You never know, I may continue with the site in a month or so but at the moment itís not likely


August 13th 2003

(Enchantica section) - Photos added of EN2379 Rhazgor


Follow on Notice

A decision regarding this site has been made.

The site is being semi-mothballed, I will occasionally do updates when I feel like it or when I feel it is necessary but I have other things to keep me busy, I hope that you understand that I pay for the web space for this site (it's not freespace and neither is it sponsored by Royal Doulton or the Dragonsite in anyway) and if I decide to close the site altogether it is because I have decided that the site has run it's course and that the cost of keeping the site open is not worth it anymore for a site I don't update anymore!

I would like to thank all those who emailed me or left messages on other chat forums. those that emailed me will be contacted soon

Please bear with me through this

There is still a good chance that the site will continue and I will get my interest back but for now the updates won't be as regular as they used to be (but there will still be updates)

September 12th 2003

For Sale page updated

Two more lists added of collectors who wish to sell there enchantica collections

Please contact the collectors direct and don't get in touch with me as I have no control over the sales.


(Katie Harris & Anita Murray)


October 25th 2003

For Sale pages removed for now (no one was telling me if they had sold anything so I didn't know how upto date it was so I've removed the links!!!


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