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Full archive of updates from 2004

January 6th 2004

If the American dealer/collector (called Guy???) who contacted me about the Candlesticks etc... is reading this can he please contact me!!!!

I had a computer crash before christmas and lost all my email address book!! so I don't have your address anymore to reply! or the 2 scanned photos you sent!


Anyone else who emailed me during December who didn't get a reply please contact me too!

March 14th 2004

It's been a while but this is the start of a few updates, they'll not be as regular as they used to be but I have decided to start updating again. I've loaded the site on my new computer at last and need to sort through a lot of files before I can update properly but this is the start.

Just a quick update this time:

(Verbum section) - I've slightly reworded the 'About Verbum' section plus I've added a little bit of news about the range in the last two paragraphs about the sale of the UK arm of the company by Phil and Dea Holland to fellow collector Adrian Donati and removed the contact details for the UK side until things are sorted out.

March 18th 2004

(Verbum section) - New page finally added of Window of Wonders - some of the pictures are temporary and were kindly taken for me by fellow collector Kent Caldwell

There is also the original art and photos of the piece in an early stage of construction included on this page

April 24th 2004


(Enchantica section) - New unannounced piece found in new Danbury Mint catalogue called 'The Fire Dragon'


August 7th 2004

I bet you thought I'd closed this site! well I've been working on my photography site so this site has been neglected! sorry!

More updates are actually in the pipe line but I'll start with this one.

(Enchantica section) - Another Aution piece has come to light, this one from the 1997 Auction, it is Lot 26 which is a paint trial of 'Confrontation' it is now owned by Amber Racy, a collector from Canada

October 28th 2004

(Verbum section) - Window of Wonders - pages expanded I've now put new photos of my piece plus I've put photos of the piece in an early stage of construction on a second page plus I've added some pictures of a white piece that is owned by fellow collector Kent Caldwell

More updates very soon


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