Xystos - Enchantica Event
Dragon Alley - Pembroke - 7th & 8th of July 2007

On the 7th & 8th of July 2007, Xystos, the 3rd owners of the Enchantica brand name, hosted the 1st Enchantica event in many years!

It was held at a fantastic shop in Pembroke South Wales (UK) called Dragon Alley

I made it to the show on Sunday the 8th but I was late arriving due to a few problems and the event was winding down, but I made it eventually. I was greeted by sculptor, Andrew Bill who had been invited along as a special guest by Dragon Alley. I was also greeted by Trudi from Dragon Alley and Glen Kolin a Xystos Sales Manager. Glen was busy packing up the display as I arrived but we had a chat before she had to leave.

The shop Dragon Alley is a wonderful place for the Fantasy collector, selling many different ranges of fantasy figures and gift items. this is only the second shop I've ever come across that only sells stuff like this (the other was the now closed 'Elfin' in York). It is very well stocked and the staff are all extremely helpful and friendly. what makes the shop even better is that it's been thought out very well because Fantasy figurines are a specialised market, extra revenue is brought into the shop by means of incorporating an internet cafe for anyone wanting internet access (it was an odd feeling walking in and finding the sorcerers library chat forum open on one of the computers) and besides that, the shop also stocks embroidery & cross stitch patterns & kits and a lot of Games Workshop gaming figures and they run table top battles games too. it's nice to see a shop who know their target audience so well and understand that they can't specialise in just one area without sinking.

On display and available for sale were four brand new Enchantica pieces that were making their debut at the show, firstly 'Grembas Trophy' which is an event piece sculpted by Rob Simpson and only available from shows like this.

Then there were three pieces sculpted in the Far East, 'Chaymayl', 'Mezereons Craft' & 'Tarrazauga'

Even though I arrived late it was still a good show and Xystos showed that they are committed to promoting the range and I just hope that they don't think that the low attendance numbers means that they don't put on any other shows because if they show they are this committed to the range at future shows (perhaps more centrally located to get more people willing to visit) I think that Enchantica has a future. Xystos & Dragon Alley clearly put a lot of effort and money into the event with lots of freebies for those who attented or who bought anything at the show (Books, Cards, T-Shirts, Posters, Tankards & Steins).

Andrew Bill talking about the books

There was also supposed to be a couple of auctions but I think that these will now take place online, these include signed pieces, artwork and other special pieces

The Enchantica Displays

The well stocked shop

Here's hoping to many more friendly events like this with more people visiting and spending because we need them, and now xystos are showing real commitment hopefully the collectors will return the compliment.

I'd like to thank Xystos for putting on the event and to everyone at Dragon Alley for hosting it and making it so friendly and I hope there is another show here in the future because I want to go back.