Xystos - Enchantica Event
Friendly Dragon - Halifax - 16th & 17th of February 2008

The 1st Enchantica show of 2008 was held at a fantastic shop based in the Piece Hall in Halifax (UK) called Friendly Dragon

I made it to the show on Saturday the 16th and happened to be the first one to arrive, I was greeted by the owners daughter who let me in to have a look at the display, I was told that Janet who owns the shop with her 2 daughters couldn't make it because she was ill but I got got meet her partner Jon who turned up wearing a black leather kilt and sporting a blue beard! I knew straight away we would get on well :-)

The shop is a great place place for the Fantasy collector, selling many different ranges of fantasy figures and gift items. this is only the third shop I've ever come across that only sells stuff like this (the others were Dragon Alley in Pembroke the now closed 'Elfin' in York). It is very well stocked and everyone is extremely helpful and friendly. The shop is actually split into two shops that are next door to each other and both are full to the rafters with dragons, wizards & faeries plus loads of other fantasy and pagan wares.

(The excellent Piece Hall which is sadly under used)

On display and available for sale were three brand new Enchantica pieces that were making their debut at the show, they were the Gargoyle Dragons, Watcher, G'saith & Malshan

Also on show and available were a few Number 1 pieces, there was the No. 1 of Dragon Flight & Glimmercsale and No.s 1 to 4 of Mummichog.

Just one tiny part of one of the shops

The Enchantica Displays

Besides Enchantica there was a lot of Nemesis Now & the largest selection of Windstone I've seen in one shop for a very long time.

It was said that Andrew Bill was to be turning up but he didn't make it to the show on the Saturday while I was there but there was a couple of reps from Xystos in attendance.

Here's hoping to many more friendly events like this with more people visiting and spending because we need them.

I must thank everyone at Friendly Dragon for being so welcoming and I recommend that anyone near the area should pay them a visit, you won't be disappointed, I know I'll be going back!