The main core of the Tudor Mint 'Myth and Magic' range is wizards and dragons, each one with a crystal of somekind on the piece, there are also unicorns and a few other mythical beasts in the range. There are also a few other offshoots made in the same style, there was the Lord of the Rings collection the Hobbit collection, the Bikers Club (dragons on motorbikes - which also had it's own offshoot of fully painted resin dragons on motorbikes called Easy riders) and Dark Secrets (a more gothic range with skeletons etc...).

The Myth and Magic range has been around for as long as I can remember! well... since the late 80's anyway. Every shop you used to go in that had a fantasy theme stocked it. A lot of people still refer to them as pewter even though they aren't, I personally prefer painted resin figures to the metal finish so never collected the range, even though I do own a few pieces as most dragon collectors seem to do, and I do see the appeal that has attracted a large fan base and I regard them (the earlier stuff anyway) as market leaders in their field.

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