This piece was released in November 2011 and it's his interpretation of the story of the Henham Serpent legend

The Henham Serpent first appeared in 1668 in the village of Henham, Essex. A pamphlet produced in 1669 gave details of the creature "about nine feet long" with strange feathers around the eyes and remarkably small wings - some people catching a mere glimpse through the trees, others reported it flying overhead.

It was largely thought to be a hoax, perpetrated by a band of mummers capering about Birch Wood with a wooden & canvas dragon - but imagine if the 'fake' attracted the 'real thing', a flying serpent with not unfeasibly small wings but long, elegant wings with which to plane gracefully over the canopy.


The piece is limited to just 50 pieces and comes complete with a certificate of authenticity signed by Andrew Bill
Size - Height 16.5cm (6.5"),  Width 15cm (6")

Price - 125.00 fully painted
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Below is a master and an unpainted white, Click on the picture to see the unpainted white & a master

Below is the Certificate

Please note that the painted version on this page is the paint master that Andrew Bill painted himself (photos taken by me), the rest will be painted by Tina Allen (nee Sherratt) using this piece as the guide so the production piece may be slightly different