On one side of the Magazine cutting (Page 18 - Fossil Box Monthly - Friday, 03.12.1999) that comes with the piece's it says -


The remains of two fossilised creatures thought to be Dragons were bought to light on Thursday evening by the renowned and somewhat eccentric explorer Dr Rex Soloman. He has been searching for these legendary remains for years, and is well known for his unearthing of Hypsilophodon fossils in Kent.
Hypsilphodon was a plant eating turkey sized dinosaur, common in southern Britain 150 million years ago. The crackpot explorer again emerged for the cameras bearing the first fossilised reptile, wearing a bright yellow minors helmet and a grin from ear to ear. The first fossil is of a creature 42cm long from tip to tail, with bat like wings and seems to have walked on all fours. When Dr. Soloman was asked why are these Dragons so small, he replied that we were all once small too, which is as straight an answer as could be urged from him. Representatives of the British Museums were not present and declined to comment on this ground breaking discovery.
Dr. Soloman was tight lipped about how he had come to discover the beautiful caves hidden by the waterfall in the Welsh valleys and only smiled when we asked him if he intended to search the rest of England for signs of our mythical beasts. The Fossils are to be carbon dated but one is thought to be not more than 700 years old, meaning that it was walking around the time of the middle ages.


On the reverse of the Magazine cutting (Page 17 - Fossil Box Monthly - Friday, 03.12.1999) that comes with the piece's it says -


It was discovered recently that fossils sold are sometimes not as they seem. All of the discovered items had been lovingly reproduced and hand painted to an exceptional standard, fooling even the best experts in the field. Some of these pieces are even thought to have been completely fabricated, re-creating creatures that never existed! This shock is still 'rocking' the archeological foundations of today's collectors, and in time some of these fakes may find a place in a home near you! If they do, we hope you will enjoy them as much as those who sculpted them. As a friend of mine would say 'please enjoy your fine specimen', best wishes.

James Brierley.

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