Newsletter 4.0 first published 14.05.01

Curator's Comment
Welcome once again my friends, our most exciting find may well accompany this note! that is not to say that the smaller finds are any the less interesting, but the discovery of an intact Draco-Ignuis is almost as ground breaking as the initial discoveries!! Long have I hoped we would find more than a femur or claw, of this most special of breeds.
Enough of the Fire Dragon, as I am sure Rex will inflict you with all the details. This edition of our news also accompanies our smaller find, Draco-Irritabilis, another of the lesser Dragons or Dragonettes, as we have christened them. This speci were not exceptionally bad tempered, as the name suggests, 'Irritibilis' is in fact latin for 'thick skinned'
My favourite to date are the two little cousins playing together, or was this a battle? Draco-Gemma and what we think may be Draco-Innoceus, we have given them friendly names as we would like to believe they were friends. It has even been put forward that these two speci lived together in mixed flocks, interbreeding freely. Well, over to Rex now, as he has been hovering behind me eager to tell you his story...

Well wishes to you All !

Dr. S. T. George


Dr. Rex's Latest Update.
There we were, our tea and biscuits going cold outside, as we crouched in the small confines of cave 52, Cornwall, England. Simon and I had been exploring all night alone, but still 16 dark tunnel entrances on our map of the complex remained unexplored. I for one was beginning to wonder if we were alone down here!? we had come across numerous cave bear remains and even some flint tools in the first caves, so these had been occupied since the neolithic, but had they been occupied before or since? Certainly no other creatures fossilised remains had been found past cave 37. It was as I was considering our position,if indeed we were about to be set upon and ravaged by a less than amiable Dragon, having been disturbed from his slumber. when Simon struck gold! Gold quite literally, and i knew that Dragons did live here. Watching with bated breath as each chip of rock came away to show yet another part of this 'Ignis'. Could it be complete! How many were there in this sprawling complex? As fortune smiled upon us and Lady Luck showed us her wares, I began to feel rather content, and not so mindful of the skin forming on my tea and the birds pecking my biscuits outside.
It was then that a mighty bellow boomed about the cave, my blood ran cold and the hairs on my arms prickled in terror! As Dr. Soloman and I twisted around slowly to look behind us, we started again, but as our wide eyes adjusted all we saw was that little scoundrel Mustafar, creased on the floor behind us laughing his socks off! But he had brought us our tea and biscuits!


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