Newsletter 1.1 first published 11.1.00

Curator's Comment
Welcome to this perhaps your first documentation from our esteemed museum. Let me introduce ourselves, I am Simon Tempest George, Curator and Director of this establishment, my colleague Dr Rex Soloman, is currently away at our most recent dig site, but I am sure you will come to know him through this our newsletter.
Now I presume this circular came into your hands either from a friend or wrapped around some old fossil and no doubt it is the latter that you wish to know about. Well then, you should have found one of our dig entry tickets bundled up somewhere in your package, which provides what little information we know of the specimen in your possession. But let me tell you of how all this came about.
As a boy I visited my grandfather in Wales, once a year, after Christmas. I remember playing in the hills around his cottage, and at bedtime his tales of dragons and elves and all sorts of strange fay folk that might have lived about those dales and valleys.
It was not until after he passed away that I came across a couple of old travelling chests in his attic. Upon further inspection these were found to contain files, diaries and small drawers of muslin-wrapped oddities. Nothing conclusive you must understand but just enough unusual fossil pieces for me to believe some of his wild and frankly unbelievable scribblings. It was then that I returned with my inimitable colleague Dr Soloman to the little stone house of my grandfathers to follow the trail that he had left for me.
You should know that in the time of my grandfather, to reveal the discovery of what we now believe to be dragon bones, would have only led to discreditment and internment.

Only now, through the exploration of the Welsh site can we reveal to you what really was, and by now you will have seen with your own eyes the living, well dead, more's the pity, embodiment of dragonkind. By careful and selected sale of some of our specimens, you will help to fund our worldwide exploration. We aim to discover the full extent to which those fateful words written by early mapmakers, "Here Be Dragons" are true!

As I may have already mentioned, Dr. Soloman is, as we speak, unearthing the first fantastical fossils from our overseas site. The entrance fissure was discovered by goldminers years ago but has remained undisturbed due to the superstitious nature of the locals, until tracked down, or should I say knocked down and stumbled upon!, early this year. We may soon be able to offer 'finds' from our African site in the heavy goldbearing mountains of Timbucktu, to compliment our growing series of discoveries in Wales. Be assured that when I get a moment from all the mounds of paperwork on my desk I shall be joining my good friend Rex on tracking down a possible lead in the chilly climbs of North America. What exciting new varieties of this diverse specie are yet to be found I cannot tell you, but I shall keep you informed via these letters. 

Please enjoy your fine specimen. Highest regards, your new friend,

Dr. S. T. George

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