Newsletter 2.0 first published 15.6.00

Letter from Dr. Rex Solomon
Aha, DR Soloman here, in the last few days in Africa I have at last had time to contribute to our newsletter, the damned sand has clogged my trusty typewriter, so I trust Simon has been able to read my scrawl. (Only just! ed)
Well, as you will already have one of the new African Draco fossils, I will tell you the tale of how we discovered the dig site. Timbucktu has always been steeped in mystery and I always stop by for the local market offers such delights, on my way to Cape Town. Early March this year, the sun baked me in my blazer and as I was sipping from my flask, little Mustafar, as I later came to know him, came flying through the throng and clean knocked me down. Just as the little tyke was about to tear off again, I snagged his rumpled turban with my stick, preventing his escape. When questioned about his apparent hurry he garbled something about terrible winged creatures wrecking vengeance on his herd of sheep. Never one to sit by when trouble beckons, I asked him to show me.

A few miles north of the city we came across his herd, sheltering from the sum in the mouth of a small cave. With no obvious signs of bloodshed ensuing I decided to investigate. Mustafar was sore afraid and said the creatures were inside. Cautiously entering, my penlight through haunting shadows across the cave walls and revealed what I observed to be some of the finest examples of dragonkind as yet discovered. The few fossils that were revealed in the walls must have scared our poor shepherd, and I now discover that the cave has been regarded with great superstition for as long as the village headman can remember.
Anyways I must finish packing, we are moving all excavation equipment to our next site tomorrow, although I cannot as yet reveal its exact location as we have not yet received final confirmation by the local authorities to start our work. Best regard to you all, enjoy your specimen!



Curators Comment.
As soon as I have completed this newsletter, and it is safely in the hands of the printer, I will be off to Germany. I met DR Soloman in North America last month and we have secured the new find site, deep in snowy mountain country, where he will have started proper exploration by the time you read this. However, since the first newsletter has been published, it seems an interest has been sparked and old clues have again resurfaced, with many letters on my desk we now have no end of trails to follow up. Some have already turned up to be hoax's or dead ends, but I have an inkling that our German Forester knows more than he is currently saying. Please keep your local legends coming in, you never know, perhaps there were dragons in you neck of the woods!

Highest regards, as always,

Dr. S. T. George

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