This 'Faeries' section couldn't have been created without the kind help of fellow collectors Jo & Del Nutting who supplied all of the pieces for me to photograph (except a few specials), they also supplied the basic list for the catalogue and various information about certain pieces, other parts of the catalogue were put together by myself.

I would like to thank Ian Johnson and Rob Simpson at Royal Doulton for their kind help with some of the details for this section

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Faerieland exists within our own world, yet faeries themselves go back to almost the beginning of time.

Faeries will either accept you as part of their world or they won't. it's entirely up to them and contrary to belief, not all faeries live at the bottom of your garden. Contact with the human world is forbidden, for indeed the faerie is in no way similar in values or ethics to us. They do not think or feel the way we do. However they are attracted, be it by curiosity, to our moments of high emotions. Hence the reference to "inspiration" or "muse" by the poets, writers and artists of all kinds to that capricious,elusive and powerful force given to them by Faeries

But enough, ponder no more on the mystery or myth of the Faerie...they are there... whether in the mist of an early morning wood or bathing in the radiance of a full moon in the corner of some secret garden...

Now Jenny Oliver invites you into her secret world of Faeries. Join her as she brings to life the captivating studies of these elusive inhabitants of the other world. Jenny draws her inspiration from nature and the wonder of the countryside. In the creation of her renowned sculptures, Jenny uses natural elements such as wood, nuts and dried berries to form the link between our world and that of the Faeries.

Each sculpture is handcrafted in cold cast porcelain and then indivdually handpainted to bring you, the discerning collector, a piece of enviable beauty.

"It is my hope and intention that my sculptures bring you the sence of wonder and joy the Faerie ethos brings to me..."


The above is taken from a small booklet



















About the Faeries Range

The Faeries were introduced as yet another Fantasy range by HSC to complement the existing Enchantica and Fables ranges, they proved to be very popular with collectors but Jenny Oliver left HSC/RD and became freelance and became too expensive, Royal Doulton were going to continue the range using a freelance sculptor from the far east and just removing the Jenny Oliver name but for some reason RD changed their minds and withdrew the entire range (along with the equally popular Fables range) much to the dismay of many collectors, The reasons for RD doing this have never been made clear but RD have a habit of not understanding its collectors (especially the resin ranges) I know there are purists who hate the idea of another sculptor especially from the east but I have pictures of some pieces done in the far east and they were easily as good as Jenny's pieces and it's a real shame that they were never released.

The two never released pieces listed below were shown in a mid year catalogue but never went into production - 'Jasmine' was sculpted by Jenny and 'Secret Treasures' was sculpted by James Brierley from a Rob Simpson Drawing but James admitted that Secret Treasures wasn't very good so a sculptor from the Far East called Gaylord Ho was brought in who did six piece's including a better remake of Secret Treasures but at the last minute RD did a turnaround and withdrew the entire range - I personally put this down to bad management and lack of understanding of the Fantasy market by the people who were in control at Royal Doulton at the time - but that you understand is my opinion.