JO9-- - ELIXIR (Leaning on Perfume bottle)

The photos below are official photos and they are the only ones I have of this piece.
Note that one has a different colour bottle lid/stopper on the floor
(Photos kindly supplied by Rob Simpson)


When Jenny Oliver became freelance things began to change, two never released pieces were shown in a mid year catalogue but never went into production - 'Jasmine' was still sculpted by Jenny but 'Secret Treasures' was sculpted by James Brierley from a Rob Simpson Drawing but James admitted that Secret Treasures wasn't very good so a sculptor from the Far East called Gaylord Ho was brought in and the range was to be called 'Faeries' by just removing Jenny's name from the title. He did six piece's including a better remake of Secret Treasures with the added extra of two faeries instead of the original one. Two pieces called 'Elixir' and 'Ice Faerie' were ready for release and most of the others were ready (one was still in wax) but at the last minute RD did a turnaround and withdrew the entire range so these pieces never saw the light of day.

There are purists out there who would have hated the idea of another sculptor especially from the east working on the range but I'm sure you can see from these photos that Gaylord Ho had done an excellent job and the range would have gone on without Jenny if RD had the courage to continue.


(the group photo is an official picture used with kind permission)