A little history of Perth Pewter*

Perth Pewter's original Owner, and Founder was Ian Carter, known to most as John Carter. John started his Company around 1973 called, Superior Models inc. It was mainly a Hobby Company, making Models of World War 2 Submarines and Ships. He also did quite a bit of Contract Work for other Companies. Then in 1975, when Pewter was becoming quite popular, he started a Sub-Division of Superior Models Inc. Called, Perth Pewter Designs and Collectibles. In the beginning, most of the Perth Pewter Designs were created by the Artist James Lane Casey, Ron Spicer, Ray Lamb, and John Dennett.

The current owner of Perth Pewter, Peter Stachowiak, was not only John's apprentice, he was also like John's son. Peter started working with John in 1983. John shared ALL of his knowledge and secrets with Peter, concerning the ''Tricks of the Trade'' of pewter designs, moulds etc..., knowing that someday, Peter would be taking over Perth Pewter. Peter, at the young age of four, had already developed a love for working with metal, as he would help his Father cast fishing sinkers and small soldier figurines. So, it was no surprise to Peter's Family that he would follow his dream and work with pewter.

In 1998 John Carter retired. Just as John had planned, Peter then took over the company, having all copyrights to Perth Pewter Designs and still maintaining a working relationship with the artist behind the Perth Pewter Designs. Ian John Carter passed away in March of 2002. His legacy will continue to live on through Perth Pewter, with Peter maintaining the high standards, craftsmanship, and quality, just as John had always done.

The Perth Pewter Limited Editions are limited to only 2500 of each design. Each limited edition pewter design comes with a signed letter of authenticity, the item itself is numbered, and has the artist signature. The signature of the artist is already on the original design that the artist created, thus when the item is cast in pewter, the signature is already there. When creating a limited edition, the 2500 limit of the items are not always made at once but after the 2500 limit has been reached, these items will no longer be in circulation, as they will be officially retired.

Just to name a few of the srtists; James Lane Casey who designed several of the highly sought after limited editions, extremely ornate dragons, medieval castles, and figurines that the wiccan community absolutely loves, whose work will still live on as a Tribute to his Life and Art, as he Passed on November 19th 2005. Ron Spicer: also noted for the incredible work he did for the Franklin Mint. Ray Lamb: noted for several of the ornate limited editions, in addition to a few of the sensual nude designs. John Dennett, who is noted for his gorgeous limited edition designs, fairy figurines, fantasy sculptures, sensual nudes, and his inspiring native American designs. Jim Payette who was known for his fairy figurines, his very sexy, erotic, and seductive nudes, and his beautiful native American designs, whose work is a great monument to his life; unfortunately he passed not too long after John Carter. Steven or Stephan Tofano, an extremely talented artist who is not only noted for his incredible designs for Perth Pewter but also for the exclusive private collection that he designed for President Ronald Reagan, his beautiful designs for Goebel Art Inc, Lennox, and the Smithsonian Institute. Currently he is happily teaching. There are many talented artists who have contributed to the Perth Pewter Designs.

Since Perth Pewter was originally a Sub-Division of Superior Models, Some of the items will have the Superior Models Logo along with the Artist Signature on the bottom of the item, while other items will have the Perth Pewter Logo along with the Artist Signature on the bottom. Some items will even have both the Superior Models and the Perth Pewter Logo on the bottom. The Original Owner, John Carter, did not find it necessary to immediately change the Logo from Superior Models, on the bottom of the items, over to Perth Pewter, even though he was selling the items under the Perth Pewter Name. Nor did he change some of the items from Superior Models over to Perth Pewter on the bottom of the Item. So, even though some of the items may say Superior Models on the bottom, they are very much Authentic Perth Pewter Items and Signed by the Artist that created the Design.

*All the above information is an abridged version of the history of Perth Pewter, written by ebay seller Kim for their ebay store 'The Syrens Call' and used with kind permission. To view the full unabridged version or to purchase some Perth Pewter,  please visit their ebay store 'the syrens call' - (They seem to have vanished now)