Large Sculptures (S)

Limited Editions (LE & LM)

Large Sculptures (FA)



Miniatures (AC)


I've split the catalogue into sections, one for the limited editions prefixed 'LE' & 'LM', one for the large sculptures prefixed with an 'S', one for the large sculptures prefixed 'FA' & one for the miniatures prefixed 'AC'. I'll add a couple of others later.

To read a little about the history of Perth Pewter - Click Here

Perth Pewter is an American company (New York) started in 1975 as a division of Superior Models inc... Unlike Tudor Mint's Myth and Magic range that pretends to be made from Pewter when it isn't, this is the real deal!

I've created a list of some of the Wizards and Dragons etc... they have made. The list is by no means complete and with my limited knowledge of the range I wouldn't dare even attempt such a feat! But it is a good guide to the sort of fantasy figure they produced and still produce. and I've included as many pieces as possible and will add others over time. I couldn't have made this section without the help of collector Harold Blackwood who supplied me with a lot of the photos and The Syrens Call for allowing me to use their information for the "History" section and Perth Pewter for allowing me to use some of their official photos and logos

if you can fill in any gaps with either photos or even just piece numbers and names or fill in any sculptors names I'd be most grateful, if so, please contact me