The Tudor Mint 'Land of the Dragons' are a cheaper range of dragons that flooded the market, with little sub catagories like Ice, fire, woodland, sapphire Dragons etc... and at one point there was a really bizzare concept where they did fierce looking dragons with butterfly wings! (they were short lived) They are no where near as detailed or as well sculpted as some other makes like Enchantica and Verbummagus (but they do seem to be getting a bit better) and the painting was thickly and crudely applied to the earlier pieces, but because they were cheaper than Enchantica a lot of younger people bought them or parents bought them for them because they were cheaper and if they broke it wasn't too much of a loss. Land of the Dragons have never appealed to me as they virtually all have the same head and they were always the poor relation to Enchantica, I've known a lot of younger collectors start with Land of Dragons but when they are shown Enchantica or Verbummagus by Dragonsite they quickly move over to to superior ranges but Xystos the new owners of both Tudor Mint and Enchantica seem to promote and regard Land of Dragons much more highly than the superior Enchantica range which they have given a poor deal. Later Land of the Dragons pieces appear to be much better painted than the older ones but some of them now come with a stereotypical crystal that all fantasy manufacturers seem to think that all the collectors want (we don't) and they still all have the same heads

(Please note that these are just my own personal opinions of Land of the Dragons and I know that there are a lot of loyal collectors out there and I'm glad that they are still in the market place because the market needs competition, they just aren't to my taste)

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