This Section is not intended to be a full catalogue of Tudor Mint fantasy ranges, it is just a mini-section to give you an idea what they have made over the years. the catalogue of Myth and Magic etc... is huge and would be a massive undertaking for me to commit to (something I no longer have the time for), so I decided that the best way to go would be to show a few items from the ranges and direct you to other specialist websites that can give you much more information than I could hope to myself, ones that are created by people with a more indepth knowledge of the ranges.

Tudor Mint have been a constant part of the Fantasy market and right up until 2007 they were owned by The Watson Group Limited, then in 2007 they were bought out by Xystos who seemed to be on a grand takeover quest of all fantasy collectable ranges. On purchasing Tudor Mint, Xystos cut out most of the ranges and just left Myth & Magic and Land of the Dragons.

I've included a few of the fantasy ranges by Tudor Mint but by no means all of them.

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For much more information about Myth and Magic, Land of Dragons & Crystal Mementos etc... I recommend visiting more specialist sites where the site owners are actual collectors of the ranges because they will be able to help more than I can. One of the best I've found so far is